Saturday, October 04, 2008

Wong Kok Char Chan Teng

Peninsular seems to have a lot of restaurants serving food popular for the Hong Kees.I've read a few positive reviews online on this place and decided to try out with my sister.

The interior is designed in a way to give you a feeling that you're in Hong Kong.

Those who watched the Cantonese series would recognized the ambassador for this restaurant.

Seriously, i don't get it when people use tv stars as ambassador for a restaurant. Maybe get a popular Celebrity Chef would be more appropriate.

Nissin Noodles RM 7.50

The soup is very well flavoured but i thought it was a tad over-priced.

Luncheon Man Tou Sandwich RM 6.90

I cant remember the exact name. I was quite sceptical at first because the man tou has a bit of chocolate hint and i doubt that it will go well with the luncheon meat. Surprisingly though, it tasted good and filling.

Milk Tea RM 3.50

Ordering milk tea is kinda like an obligatory thing to do when you dine in restaurants like this. Their milk tea is good but not superb :P

I would choose this over Kim Gary's. Definitely!

You might wanna check this also :

Kim Gary's Restaurant


panda said...

looks like u went to the one at Cheras Leisure Mall? I usually go for the Cheese baked for the drinks...i alwiz thot it was the HK tea??? not the milk tea?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love Kim Gary's, especially the french toast thing with peanut butter inside and a huge slice of butter on top. I don't know this place, but will check it out, perhaps I shall take more leave after Penang and head down to KL again. ;)

Melanie said...

blue racoon :
Yea, i went to the one in Leisure Mall. HK tea and milk tea same thing right? pardon me if im wrong :)

Melanie said...

Huai Bin : Thought you're going to KL this weekend! Food in Penang is good.. too bad i wont have much time to show you! but char kueh tiau is on me if i finish the race! Haha!