Sunday, October 12, 2008

Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks

Taiwan Street Snacks has been gaining popularity among Malaysians and you can get Taiwan Street Snacks from high-end shopping malls to your weekly Pasar Malam.

I was at Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks in One Utama for lunch and i must admit it tested my patience when i went there with an empty stomach. I ordered my drinks first and when i finish, it's still not my turn yet.

The place is really small and only had about five chairs and a sofa for waiting, and had this dine-and-go concept. There's also only one waiter serving but service was efficient.

Oyster Mee Sua RM 6

This has been gaining huge popularity in Taiwan. The mee sua is cooked in this thick gravy but it's not the kind of thickness where you feel giddy after eating. It is just the right thickness and served really hot. Portion was pretty small but rather filling.

XXL Crispy Chicken RM 6

This one is really a huge piece.About 9 inches. It tasted good flavour-wise but it was a tad dry for my liking. Plus the fact that i was sharing with my friends and they do not cut the chicken for customers made the whole eating process a lot more difficult.

V-Soy RM 2.50

There is only two drinks there. Either you choose V-Soy or mineral water. I was here before the whole Melamine thing was announced but now that it is announced, V-soy is part of the list. I passed their Penang Branch recently and saw they are still serving V-Soy. Maybe the list is wrong or they just didn't care. ;p

I would recommend this place if you're into experiencing new things because they are not like any other restaurants. Hey, we need changes once in a while so why not ? ;p


Anonymous said...

VSOY RM2.50 =)

Melanie said...

Nicholas : Thanks! :) I change already :P

Unknown said...

While the food tastes okay when I went, the service at the Mid Valley branch was truly disappointing for me lah =(

5 Burmese guys who just screw around in the shop, have no manners at all, don't even know Bahasa or English and they treat the customers like rubbish. Their working attitude was horrible and the food took 20 minutes to arrive despite them not having much business. And there were 5 people manning the store.

Just.. avoid the Mid Valley-Gardens outlet.

Melanie said...

Alex : I thought the only laid back was them using foreign workers. It kinda give the shop bad image. I shall keep in mind not to go to the one in Mid Valley! :)