Saturday, October 11, 2008

Jonker Walk Desert

I didn't knew this place was popular since my trip to Malacca was quite impromptu so i didn't have the time to surf for good eateries in Malacca.

I just went in since there were a lot of people so i assume something must be good. Talking about bandwagon fallacy! But i was surfing the net for some good food a few weeks ago and found this place is actually one of the tourist spot in Malacca.

The architecture of the place is very much designated like the coffee shops in the past. The front side sells some local products and the back is an open space.

Me and my friends were still full when we were here so we didn't ate much. We had :

Seafood Mee RM 3.00

Seafood was fresh and the portion was right. The soup was very flavourful too!

Goreng Goreng RM 3.50

Trust me the portion is at least three times more than it looks in the picture. Very cheap i would say and serve well as a snack during tea time.I wish the sauce was spicy tho!

Durian Chendol RM 3.00

They are popular for their chendol and i must say it is really very good. The gula melaka is thick and really different from other shop. Plus, to have it along with a bit of durian flavour was really interesting. However if you're not a fan of durian you can opt for the normal chendol.

If you go Malacca make sure you drop by at this place ok! Best! :P

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afaniL said...

As a Melakan, I didn't know this place exist! Good info tho.

Melanie said...

Fandi : Haha! Maybe it caters more for the tourist but great place i must say! I wanna go Melaka again!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mel,

What's inside the Goreng Goreng? Is it fried wantan skin?

Melanie said...

Fatboy : Hi! :) Inside the goreng goreng there's a variety of fried stuff, fried "fish wantan" , fried fish balls, fried tofu skin.. a lot. and certainly not only fried wantan skin :)