Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Asian Recipes

I've been meaning to blog a lot earlier but since the wireless in my room has been down, i could not do so. Plus, it's the mid sem break next week so there's tons of assignments due this week and i'm actually skipping my class just to blog in the library. :)

Ok, back to my post. Asian Recipes is located at Premier 101, it's right at the end so drive slowly towards the end if you're not sure of the place.

I like the classy interior of the place. The leather chair and dark-wood table. It's a good sight because places that served Asian food are usually of cheap architecture.

There is one thing that i really like about this place. The cutlery, plates and bowls used differs a lot from other restaurants in town.

Asian Recipes Special Fried Mee RM 6.90

This is recommended by the house and also by the waitress. I didn't wanna order it coz i never believe in recommendations ( most of the time they turn out terible ;p ) but my dining companion insisted it. The verdict - It was rather sweet and there's this heavy prawn taste that i didn't like.
Assam Laksa RM 7.00

It tasted really good and i really liked it. It's a must try if you're going to dine here. Not to mention they serve you in a unique shape bowl. ( not pictured here coz i was too excited to eat ;p )

It also came with obligatory prawn paste.

Kerabu Papaya RM 3.50

This one tasted good too although there's more of other ingredients rather than the mango itself. If you notice properly, the chef used the correct way to cut the long beans. It's not sliced or cut using knife. So, thumbs up for that!

Mango sticky rice RM 5.00

We (not telling you who i went with =D) had this for desert. I had never been to Thailand so i would say this taste pretty good. The portion is quite big so have it shared if you're not a big-eater.

Three Layer Tea RM 3.00

It was alright and nothing to write home about but i must give them props for the very clean glasses!
Buah Kedondong Juice RM 3.00

It was really sour but the juice was really "authentic"- minimal water mixed.

I had actually thought the food would be damn expensive with the classy interior and all, but it was alright, i would say it's cheap and YES, definitely recommended. :)

** I just got a sms saying my lecturer gave quiz in the class! damn! and gawd, IE is a pain in the arse!!


Sensible Pixie said...

Mmmm.. Is it halal?

Anonymous said...

what's the correct way? break it using ur hands?

Melanie said...

Katherine ;
im sorry,but i'm not so sure if it's halal.

Jess ; tell u when i see u. don know wt word to use. hehe