Monday, July 21, 2008

Malaysian Breakfast

As much as i loved to have ham and bacon for my breakfast, the Malaysian breakfast is always good once in a while. Nasi Lemak is my all time favourite breakfast.

I was in Cheras (i don't know the exact place, sorry!) recently and my sister brought me to this coffee shop for breakfast.

Nasi Lemak

I would always choose telur mata kerbau over hard boil egg to go with nasi lemak. The sambal was nice but it had too much anchovies. Rice was perfect ;p

Sambal sotong

This one is really delicious! omg, i'm drooling at this picture man ! ;p

Limau Ais

It's good to wash down the fats of coconut milk with something sour.

Teh Ais

... or go along with the common drink of every Malaysians.

Milo Panas

...or the popular Milo ;p

Have a nice and syiok day readers!

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sriganesh said...

hi . can i ask u one question? how do u stir ur milo panas with spoon? very fast or slow