Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ah Pek Stall

Just right opposite Ala Carte ( or better known as Star Cineplex ) stood a humble stall run by a happy family. They have been there for decades!

There's nothing much to choose besides : fried fish balls (homemade), fried chicken ( drums, wings and the ass)

The infamous chicken ass

I eat chicken ass ( yes , i do! it beautifies the skin complexion ok! ) but i'm extremely choosy of the asses for hygienic purposes ;p The chicken ass is marinated with the same ingredient as the fried chicken so it tasted the same.

The famous fish balls

It's really cheap coz it's only RM 1 per stick and that's 6 balls! The fish balls are tangy when it's hot but when you leave it for a few hours it gets rather rubber-ish.

Closer shot of the balls!

I believe there is one main reason that people keep coming back : the DAMN GOOD chilli sauce!

The chilli sauce is probably the best i've tasted so far in my entire life!

They don't open on a specific time but they're usually there by 4.45 P.M ;p Trust me, it's damn good!

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kenix said...

i am the supporter.. haha