Thursday, May 22, 2008

Burger King KLIA

It is almost like a tradition for me to have a meal at Burger King every time i board the plane in KLIA. There are 2 branch, one at the departure hall and another at the arrival hall.

The service is really good here and my sister told me it is a lot better than the one in town. Of course it's a tad expensive but i would give in for a great service. ( I usually have mine in the departure hall, near gate A2 )

This time around i had it at level 3 - the arrival hall with my sis and her other half.

I love red chairs!


Their signature burger. Damn big, Damn good. and it is my order every single visit.

Mushroom Swirl Burger

Generous amount of cheese and thick beef patties. Nice.

Black Pepper Beef

I had it once but i didn't like it. But to compare with the burgers else where, this is still better. Good for black pepper lovers.

Mini Hash Browns

I love this!! The potato was so soft and it was really crispy too! Must have!!

Onion rings

Nice but lack of onion flavour.

French Fries

Normal fries ;p

Burger King, open one in Kuching can or not?


Anonymous said...

let's pray hard shall we??

Anonymous said...

love the hash browns, especially for breakfast