Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Manhattan Fish Market

I owed my mum a dinner for her Mother's day so i brought her here two days ago. We went to the one in Boulevard.

The interior is very much like the one in The Spring. Waitress was very friendly too.

I have this coupon that i got courtesy of Hotlinks.

Besides the "Buy one free one fish and chips" we also had some other sides. These are the sauces ;p

Fish and chips RM 14.90

It was just ok I expected something more since its-Manhattan-marh. You know? Hehe. The fresh-ness was ok but it was obvious it is cold-storage fish ;p

Garlic Butter Mussels RM13.90

This was the highlight of the whole dinner. The cream was really, extremely good. Must order. And it came with four pieces of french loaf.

White Bait RM 8.90

I wanted to order the soup of the day but my mum insisted that she wants this one. It's this really small sized fish deep fried. It's ok and i think this is just for a short period of time.

Mango Juice RM 6.90

It was really thick so it was worth it.

and i was not happy with this sentence i saw on the menu.

What the fuck? Depends on chef mood ? Na beh ar!

Overall , the food is not bad but fish is not really "my meal". ;p

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