Friday, April 25, 2008

The best food in hostel

Cendawan Goreng

Incase you're wondering, it's abalone mushroom. I don't know which state this dish originates from , but it's the best food in hostel.

I'm lovin' it ;p


David said...

Hello~ Greetings from me... Wow, you love fried mushrooms too? Me too!

So irresistible, I can have them as snacks. But yours looked so golden. Over-fried?

By the way, try frying shiitake and/or enokitake mushrooms. They taste differently. Delicious~ Hehe...

Melanie said...

hey David, its been a while u left comments on my blog. I guess it looks overly brown from the flash. But yea, they taste awesomely good! How're you btw ? Nudge me in msn!