Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sushi King

It's been a while since my last food post. ;p I'm actually in the midst of studying for my Law Paper exam.. which is later. 8.30 p.m till 11.30 p.m. Never really like exams at night coz all i could think of is go back and sleep.

Anyway, yesterday i met the Assistant Vice Chancellor at her office. It was ok, my paper work is finally approved! She was rather strict .. and quiet.

Back to what i was gonna post, Long Long time ago, i went to Sushi King in Boulevard with Vero. The place was packed and people had to queue up to eat. It's funny tho' since Sushi King in Penang is always empty (especially the one in Prangin) and in KL it's packed but not till the extend where people queue to eat.

Before eat, check the price first. Applies to guys who has limited cash but has a girl with dinosaur appetite. Hehe.

I had a few plates only.. some of these are Vero's but i've personally tasted all these ( and a lot more) during my past visit in Penang and KL )

Wasabi and soy sauce!

I cant help but to think that this is how vegetarians shit look like. Sorry!!! Haha!


The must-have ..and was very turn off by the fact that the salmon is NOT fresh!!!

Chuka Chinmi

Seasoned scallops. One of the must-have for me .

Tuna Mayo Maki

I don't eat tuna so.. this is obviously Vero's. The tuna's portion is rather generous ;p

Kani Mayo

This one is kinda good and its cheap . So if u wanna save money, at the same time wanna show off tell ppl u went to sushi king , take a lot of this lah. Hehe.


Fish Roe and Wasabi Flavoured Fish Roe .. i like how the fish roe would pop in your mouth. Hehe.

I left the place in less than 30 minutes. There was very lil choices of sushi and the sushi's on the service kaiten just repeat and repeat and repeat!! Plus, i was just simply uncomfortable with the fact that the place is overly pack.

Will i go again ?

Maybe Not.

(*** I wrote this before exam .. and the law paper was fucking difficult. I'm starting to think Lawyers have no life and all they do is memorising acts and cases to be applied.
..to hell with the "delegatus no potest delegare' caveat emptor.. . " ... "nemo dat quat non habet"!! )

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