Thursday, May 10, 2007

Birthday Lunch

*Photos are taken with SE K610i

Today , i met up with Abang Samson, Mohd. Josiah and Siti Jessica at Pizza Hut for lunch.It was actually a late birthday meal for Siti Jessica.

Why we chose Pizza Hut?

Coz i have this. :) A book of 25 % of various ala carte orders for KFC and Pizza Hut. Hehe.

What did we ordered?

One large Pan Crust Hawaiian Supreme

Honestly , i am not a fan of the pizza in Pizza Hut. I always think pizza hut's pizza are a modified version to cater malaysian's tongue. Like i always said to my friends , i only go there when i have free coupons!
Surprisingly , this pizza taste good? Everything w
as perfect. I have nothing to complaint about.
Ratings : 9/10

Spicy Arabiatta Spaghetti

It was supposedly sea-shell pasta. I do not know why it turn out to be spaghetti? This one taste pretty bad. It has the smell of Indian Lime Acar and i'm not very fond of that aroma. It's a little spicy.. or rather mild.Not syiok!
Ratings : 5/10

Sweet and Spicy Chicken Wings

The chicken wings in pizza hut are pretty expensif . RM 2.40 for a TINY chicken wing? I used to be a fan of their chicken wings .. but the one i had today was rather dry.. and tasteless. I think thei
r deli wings taste better! :P
Ratings : 7/10

Garlic Bread

This is Siti Jessica's favourite. I do not know why she like it coz i kinda think they have the worst garlic bread in town. hehe. And the one we had today was.. too black? so it's quite bitter. hehe. I just didn't like their soggy garlic bread. they're using the garlic butter spray btw. :P
Ratings : 6/10

Ice Blended Capucino Freeze

This one is just.. ermm.. drink-able. Not bad. But , there's no whipped cream? :( I Saw in their menu that if you want whipped cream you have to add RM 1. what the?
Ratings : 6/10

Mango Tango

This is mango yoghurt smoothies and i'm a fan of fruit yoghurt smoothies. I had it before during my previous visit to pizza hut. This is Siti Jessica's order by the way. Pretty good. I would recommend this over the capucino freeze.
Ratings : 8/10

I find it shameful for Pizza Hut to charge us for their service. OH, C'mon~ How good is their service? I asked for tabasco sauce the lady totally forgotten about it and later i asked Abang Sam to ask for it and they came with TOMATO sauce! Then i asked for tissue , the lady forgotten about it again. It was quite stuffy and hot inside too that we had to ask them if they on the air cond.
Pizza Hut should really improve their service man!

Anyway , it was a good meeting up with Abang Samson and Mohd.Josiah and ofcuz Siti Jessica! We laughed so much that i think the other tables think we're crazy!Too bad Dayang Stefanie is not with us!

Credits to Siti Jessica for paying!


Anonymous said...

hey cool! where'd you get the coupons?

Melanie said...

hey jasmin!

the coupons were given to me by my uncle that handle the shipping of "goods" for KFC and pizza hut.

wanna join me for lunch? ^_*

thanks fr dropping by anyway!

Mell Imaan said...

oh my god, no wonder u always said the garlic bread nt nice, it is so hitam!here it is nice. And over here u get to choose wad goes with yr pasta. what sorta pasta that you like, they'd put. hahahahaha

Melanie said...

vainmoster :

yealah. so hitam. o ke leng nga!