Saturday, March 03, 2007

Spring Garden , Hui Sing

There's this quite old eating establishment in Hui Sing , situated just right opposite Hui Sing's Petronas station. I had always wanted to go there but hadn't had the chance to , even tho' my house is "almost"very near to it. It is always packed so i always assume the food must be good there. After all they've open for years and havent "lap-cap" so , there must be some good stuff there.

Anyway ,I had the chance to go there with my form 6 classmates yesterday night.So , has my assumtion about them having good stuff is right?hmmm.. look at the pics yea.

The interior :

it's patio kinda sitting. a bit hot, and not mesmerizing. Nothing special.

The drinks

There's a lot of other drinks my friends ordered but i took pic of this three only.

Ice lemon plum

mine. sucks. has the fridge smell. and it just sucks. i finish less than half of it. sucks.

Ice honey lemon lime

my fren said it sucks too. so , sucks la. haha.

Opera shake

this one is chinese tea blended with something. i cant remember. it looks more like sunlight (the dishwasher) to me.

so all the drinks pretty much sucks. worse still , the drinks is like half-cold-half-hot. yucks.

Teriyaki Chicken Chop

this was not my order , so i do not know how it taste. My friends said it's just ok.five of them ordered this one. and none of them said it's nice. Anyway , the pics doesnt look "amazing" also la hor? cost RM8.50

Marinated Pepper Beef Steak

this was my order. It tasted ok , not bad. but no "western" taste. Taste like some chinese restaurant's food nya.But at least they took a hit when i said i wanted it medium. Cost - RM 10.50

Rum Lamb Chop.

why issit Rum? "wo bu zhe dao". coz i ask my fren for the name of it , and tat's wt she said. im also not sure bout the spelling. hehe. She said it was just ok too. Like normal only. donno the price.

So , you must be wondering why all our steak comes with rice? I was stunned as well when the waiter presented it to me. But i think it was because we chose the Asean Specialities. Instead of the western. Coz the western is totally overpriced. It was around rm25-rm35. I would rather go some other better places if i were to asked to pay for that price. I really don't think they should use the word "steak" if it is presented with rice. Or at least put that it is served with rice. Oh , all 7 of us ordered the Asean one , but he only ask one of my fren if she wanted rice. And my friend didnt want rice , and you know what? When it came , it was just ONE WHOLE PIECE of meat. JUST THE MEAT. omg. there's no salad, NO NOTHING. siau! I also hated that my rice didn't come with salad , coz i hate one piece of lettuce with nothing on my food!

In conclusion , that place is not worth your visit. Please Trust Chef Mel.
I'm giving them 1/10. and that one point is for them remembering i wanted it medium.

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