Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ice cream , guilt no more!

Almost 9/10 girls worry about gaining weight. Even the ugliest girl worry about gaining weight. That explains the mushroom growing of all those bloody-fake-sweet-promises slimming programmes that bombarded almost half of the classified section in our daily newspaper.

And then , you'll hear a lot of weight -concious girls saying , " I DONT TAKE ICE KELEM. VERY FAT ARRRRR".. yea ,i said that too. so , since technology is so good now , they come up with this great inovation of "almost-fat-free" ice cream, or ice-shave, or snow ice , or sorbet-ish. haha.

Ofcourse , we Kuching are always late in everything. But nvm , cant blame anyone. So , HEY , it finally arrived. The Charmfood decided to expand their wings to Kuching and i'm so BLESSED that they actually open nearby my house. They are a franchised based in Taiwan and started their business in 1979. and only arrive kuching in 2007. You do the Math. heh!

The shop's name is Igloo , hence the place is architered like an igloo , with all the penguin and ice kind of thing. The place is small so i didn't quite dare to take photo coz the shop is packed and if i snap a photo , everyone will be looking at me with their mouth open wide, and jaw breaking. The moment you enter the shop , you'll be greeted welcome by practically all the waitress there . If you notice , almost all Taiwan-ish shops are like that. I find it quite annoying tho' . btw, Igloo is situated right opposite 688 shop , beside Everise 4th Mile's building.

Anyway , having to go only twice , i've tried three flavours already. And i went thr twice in a stretch. hehe.Oh , and every cup (the cup is big) , cost you rm4.80 , with tax.

Milky snow-ice with red bean

i'm always a fan of red bean which most ppl claim that it is "ah-ma-ish" coz "budak zaman kini" prefer strawberries, kiwis, passion fruit or mango. who cares. uekkk.

Green tea snow-ice with red bean

heh. red bean again. why? kenot ar? =P i love this one , coz green tea is one of my favourite flavour ever since my mum bought the japanese flavoured green tea cake that cost a bomb. If green tea is your fav, i recon you'll love this one coz the green tea smell is strong and PUR-FECT. i love this one!

Coffee flavoured snow ice with chox rice and chox sauce
(sorry for the a bit blur pic. was too excited to eat it. haha)

this one is the lady's recommendation to me after looking at my puzzled face coz i didn't know what to order. It's nice , coffee smell is not too strong like the espresso's flavour in Scoops. The espresso coffee in Scoops still give me goosebumps. hehe.
chef mel rating : 7/10

Having to go two days in a stretch , i kinda "make-fren" with the boss already. She told me quite a bit about the shop , but i didn't quite understand it coz she speaks FLUENT mandarin . But , she told me the snow ice is actually imported from Taiwan, from Charmfood itself. And it's 70 % fat free. The service there is good too. Very friendly. infact , Chef Mel's latest obsession!!!! haha!

In conclusion , this place is worth your visit. good service , good stuff , most of all , you dont have to worry after eating . Not recommended for underweight Ppl tho , since it's almost fat free. HAHA.

Overweight ppl go to Igloo.
Underweight ppl go to Scoops.



David said...

Melanie, is that you with all the ice-cream? If that's you, you'd be really looked like Hyo-rin in Goong!!!

Melanie said...

hmmmm.. whose Hyo rin in Goong?

David said...

Never mind... =P Keep up the good work, more blogs on food!!!

Melanie said...

david : tankx for dropping by!

David said...

You're most welcomed... (^___^)

Mell Imaan said...

Are you sure that you're shiok with the ice cream? to me u look very much like my students.. i know you know what i am talking about.

Melanie said...

vainmonster : shut up. haha