Friday, February 09, 2007

Tom yam!

supposedly is "putra nilai". But i miss the P! haha!!!


i had always been a fan of tom yam but i was NEVER, (not even once) satisfied with the tomyam i had outside.

but this time, i am FINALLY satisfied with one tomyam ! I had this in Nilai , about 2 hour drive (or more) from the city of "kayy-elll"

I was told that this shop specialize in their tomyam. (hence , the name of the shop) The tomyam here is very different from the one usually served in other restaurant. I was never satisfied with the tomyam outside because i find they usually use either the tomyam cube or the bottle paste which you can easily buy in the supermarket. i find those had "a - weird- smell" that i do not how to describe. Heh! And this tomyam does not had "that smell" i hate! HOLLA! and one the reason that makes the tomyam special here is the spicyness ! it is very spicy but not till the point you cant hold it if you're a chillie freak like me :P I do not usually finish a big bowl of soup in the restaurant cz i tend to get full by the time i finished half of it, but this one , i finished the whole bowl! :P Great~! oh from the picture, you see there's a lot of soup, but inside the soup it is also BLESSED with tonnes of fresh prawns... :P

i also had their fried bee hoon cooked with sambal cili. it's so cili-licous! :D

Chef Mel rating : 10/10

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