Thursday, February 08, 2007

Banana leaf rice

Being a chinese , we often use the chopsticks with a spoon , or the modern ones use fork and spoons , and the pathetic ones use spoon with the "help" of another hand.

But hey , Ever thought of eating in a different way sometimes?

I had this chance to visit this Indian restaurant some time ago , and they do not use plates, but banana leaf. it's popular in the west, but im not sure whether we have it here in Kuching. (mayb i'll open the 1st one. tee hee ) They will serve u rice , and 5 other "typical" indian side dishes. which i dont know the name.then you can opt for the few types of curry gravy for your rice. oh they also serve you fried chilli , chips and banana chips...and some yoghurt ting. hahha Thats the basic , and it cost RM 5. Then , u can get the other types of side dishes with many varieties of curry to choose from , and fried stuff. I chose the spiciest one during my many visit there. Most of them who goes there eat with their hands, so i did too. I thought it was pretty fun! heh! :P no , this is not the 1st time i ate with hands. I used to like the malay style of eating with hands when i was young so i learnt it too. haha. Not the disgusting way of eating with hand , but the right way .

Anyway , below are all the pics i took.din take much ,coz i was busy eating. haha. :P

oh , and you're suppose to cover it this way , as a symbol , the food is nice , and u want to come again. ^_^ if u fold it the oposite way , it means , you dont like the food , and do not want to come again :P

oooohh.. IM LOVIN IT!

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Anonymous said...

There is one place in Kuching. LL Banana Leaf. Jalan Rambutan. Near The Animal Kingdom. Beside the Sarawak National Party. They serve food on banana leaf, and flavoured yoghurt drinks, like what you said.

Have a great day. Cheers.