Thursday, November 03, 2011

Jalan Alor Bukit Bintang

For many, Jalan Alor is just another tourist trap. For me on the otherside, this is a place that brought me plethora of good memories. I used to come here a lot when I was young for family holidays. My dad loved the place and still do! So coming back here (I know I am based in KL for almost a year now, but I spend most of my time working.) was a lot like walking back to a childhood story.The fact that we still order the same food makes the memory even more vivid.

This porridge here is from my father's favourite mee sua stall. They are famous for their pork mee sua and my dad worship this! They have it in the porridge version and taste as good! For RM5, this is worth every penny with the generous amount of pork and innards given.

Clams! How can you missed this when you're having street food? The clams was from the stall nearby but as much as I love clams, I didn't like that it was prepared too bloody for my liking. Chili sauce too lack the ooomph and spiciness.

Feeling rather guilty from the excessive order of greasy and cholesterol laden food we ordered a plate of sotong kangkung - just to fulfill the you know, vegetable quota. :p Not too bad, but not exactly something to shout about.

I thought the fried oyster was terrible. It was tasteless, the batter were not very cooked and the oysters were ...errm.. scarce. This costed RM 20 , definitely a killing price for a dish badly prepared. I remember it tasted really good, but back then I haven't been to Penang yet! Penang really does spoils your taste bud y'know? :)

and believe it or not, this place has the best fresh orange juice. It still taste the same after so many years! I never got to know what type of orange they use but I can assure you, not even a high class hotel could beat the taste! The moment I took the first sip I felt like I was deported 15 years back, where I was young and *cough*, very innocent. :P

My whole point of writing this is not really on Jalan Alor but how this place brought me memories and I miss my parents so much. Family holidays is something that is so hard to come by now. So if you had the privillege to work and still stays with your family, appreciate it. If you don't, make sure you call home. :)

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