Friday, June 17, 2011

Non Food

Anecdote of the week :

- I fainted outside a restaurant after suffering from a bad gastric, and went for a shisha dinner. champion they say :P I told my friend to open the car door for me but before he could open, I fainted. The restaurant staff helped and massaged my head while my colleagues panicked (told by them when i sedarkan diri. lol) I woke up minutes later and first thing I asked was.. " what happen?" and my colleagues started to shout " Are you ok or not!! oi!! " It was a funny but very scary moment. Imagine if I passed out and never wake up. =s

- I cried for the third day now because my colleague resigned. I know it's lame, very lame - especially when I haven't cried for 8 months!! But it so happen that while I'm having one of the stress-est job that could really dry your brain juice up, I have a bunch of great friends. and by friends I meant genuine one. Not the kind who back stabs you and all the politics shit.

We go for trainings by batch for a month before we really started working hands on, all of us became very, very close. and this colleague who resigned is the one I'm the closest with. It felt like something is missing and for once I felt like I'm in an empty office. And I'm feeling this in a department (yes just one department!) that has 400 people ok! All of us actually cried (even the macho men!) when she left and this isn't something you usually see in office especially in a fast pace foreign organization! I'm still very much in an emo state btw. :(

Just let me end with something my colleague wrote on facebook :
"a stranger. it takes a stranger to make us realize that sometimes in real life you just cant change anything. no matter how hard you try. a stranger sometimes could make you feel so touched and lose control completely. a stranger that could make everything in the world feel less a bad place to live in. i guess a stranger can really bring colours in our life. a stranger."

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