Monday, August 16, 2010

Birthday Greetings!


First thing first! I'm sorry I couldn't find a cheesecake without base, but this is still cheesecake - better still, with your name written on! =D I've already blew the candles and eaten the cake on your behalf tho. But.. but, I made a wish for you also! Something that you wanted, Something that you told me. Try guessing! :p

Just to show you that this was not from my pictures collection. But it obviously is not lah, since it has your name on it. :P

I hope the "bomb" arrives tomorrow.. and that the "chemical" I mixed works out.. Then I can get your insurance! haha! Call me before you open k? In case .. the chemical really worked and I don't get to listen to your voice anymore! hahaha!

Happy Birthday, handsome.


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