Thursday, January 07, 2010

Lily's Vegetarian Kitchen

The night before I arrive in Penang(which was a while ago), my friend texted me to ask what I would like for dinner. I replied, "Anything, something different!"

True enough, the dinner was indeed something different. Vegetarian food! *shrugs* It was my virgin experience eating a vegetarian dinner and I was quite excited even though I have been worshiping meat my whole life. Lol.

I am quite indecisive when it comes to eating and I particularly hate it when the waiter is standing beside me while I'm looking at the menu so I appreciate it a lot when restaurants have this paper "where you can tick what ever you want" and they'll just collect it when you signal them.

However, I didn't like the idea of us paying before getting our meal. In a way, I find myself less appreciated as a customer.

I had the beef steak. It tasted a lot like the beef patties we have in our Ramly burgers. Very much like eating a "naked burger". The gravy though, was a tad bland but since they have a restricted list of ingredients, this could be the best they can come up with.

The friend had chicken chop. Again, the "meat" taste very much like the burger patties. But I find both the chicken "meat" and gravy a little mild on the flavor. The beef steak is better.

My friend's other half had Bak Kut Teh. I was quite surprised it tasted almost identical to the real bak kut teh. Minus the meat. :P

The couple also ordered an extra chicken burger. I think it was a little miscommunication between the two and obviously they couldn't finish it and had to have it take away. Hehe.

What really peeved me (other than the payment part) was that our deserts are served at the same time as our meal. It's a little harsh but I find that rather stupid.

By the time we finish our food, there was already a pool of melted ice cream surrounding the sundae cup. Ish.

The almond jelly would have tasted a lot better if the ice didn't melt and made it fit for a diabetic patient.

The drinks was nothing much to write about. I was actually struggling to finish my drink as I was stuffed from the steak. Vegetarian food are all carb, remember? :)

Overall, I find eating in a vegetarian shop quite exciting. You anxiously take a bite when your food arrive and then gauge how close it taste to the "real thing." I wouldn't mind visiting another one (anytime!), but of course if I was given a choice, I'll definitely go for the real huge fat-squirting slab of steak. Medium rare please. :D

I know I hardly put pictures of myself nor my friends here, but this is a picture of my friend and her

Thanks for the accomodation! Sorry, you had to be deprived from your "activities" for a week. hehe. :D


jolene said...

dessert and meal served at the same time? how do they expect customers to eat their meal and the dripping ice cream at the same time? didn't they think before they serve?

i don't like waiter/waiteress standing beside me waiting for orders when i'm not ready yet. same goes to those sales person in the departmental stores.

where's this place?

Melanie said...

jolene : Hi! :) Yea, I thought the same too. I thought the almond jelly was a little acceptable, but serving ice cream at the same time as the entree was really stupid.

One of the reason why I always get my toiletries in Guardian/Watsons or in discount hypermarket like Tesco is because there won't be anyone following me and introducing me to 1001 products I don't need. Hehe.

I'm not so sure of the exact location, but it's in the vicinity of Komtar, but also near the Umno Building. :)

Stef said...

Hi mel! :) glad to see pics of you, Jess and mr bf. LOL.

Melanie said...

Stef : Hello!!! Hahahah , you saw me inside? I was the beef steak! Hahaha!!

Chris F. said...

I will have to put this place on my list should I ever make it out that way someday. Of course, with the nonsense going on with the airlines and TSA, it may be a little while.

Melanie said...

Chris F : Where are you from? :)