Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chili's G Hotel

I was in Penang two weekends back for a brief shopping trip and Gurney was my first stop. First thing first was some "battery-charging" in Chili's!

Both me and my friend weren't particularly starving, so we didn't ordered anything individually.

We had the bottomless tortilla chips as our starters (more like side actually, since we're not having a full course meal). It's much more worth it to order this when you're in big group. For a company of two, the portion for one serving is more than enough.

The salsa complements the tortilla chips well. Slightly sourish with a spicy end. Me like!

We also had the Old Timer's burger with Chili beef as an add on. It costed about RM20 (without tax) and this is probably the cheapest entree you can find in the entire menu.

I requested for it to be medium rare, but I find it a bit too cook for my liking. The beef pattie was too dry and lack a lot in terms of flavors. If it wasn't for the chili beef that we add on, the whole burger is pretty much tasteless. I was also not satisfied with the gherkins used - too soft. Long story short, don't order this.

For drinks I had the Banana Smoothie. It was thick, rich and good. (Somehow I find my description rather erotic - if you know what I mean. lol).

My friend on the other hand had the bottomless Orange Juice. We were suppose to share (refillable), but I decided to order a drink for myself last minute since we already share the tortilla chips and burger and I didn't want to look like a cheapskate. :P

The entire meal costed us close to RM 60 inclusive of tax. I think the tax was about RM 8 (!!). Rather reasonable if you ask me (though not cheap) considering the American portion. (Not exactly pictured here but trust me, pictures can be deceiving. ;p )

And.. it's either my appetite has shrunk and I'm less a glutton now or the portion was really huge cause I actually had a hard time finishing the burger even though I shared it with my friend!


Huai Bin said...

Hmm...I honestly go to Chili's for their margaritas only. :)

Melanie said...

Huai Bin :Yeah, i heard good comments about their margaritas. But I get red(but not drunk!) almost instantly when I drink.. and it was around 4pm when I was there and I was suppose to shop around after that :P

Lee Boon Chye said...

Very nice photos and interesting blogging!

Melanie said...

Lee Boon Chye : Thanks! Appreciate the compliment! :D

Evette said...

The Banana Smoothie is making my mouth water. Mmmmmmmmm

Melanie said...

Evette Murphy : Hi! :) I drool at my own blog the whole time too. Hahaha