Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The blog is officially three years old!

Three years ago, i started this blog with a pure intention to share my passion for food and also to improve my English. It wasn't initially meant to be an all food blog but rather a mixture of food post and my personal life.

As time pass by, I realized the cyberspace is no longer a safe place to do your "mental voumit" and I decided to stop writing about my personal life. Plus, I don't actually lead an exciting life. Lol.

I guess my writing style has changed quite a bit as compared to the entries three years ago. To be honest, i felt quite embarrassed with my back logs but I decided to still keep them. There are some personal entries that I deleted tho. ;p

My readers have definitely tripled (not to mention that I am also earning a bit from the blog!) from when I first started and I thank each one of you for reading. I promise all of you with more slurpilicious post ahead! :P

My blog is officially three years old three days ago. And I celebrated it with three tubs of frozen cheesecake sponsored by a loyal reader. *cough cough*. ;P


Chelsia said...

Congratulation...celebration.... erm...that's all the lyrics I know.

Melanie said...

Chelsia : Thanks! :)

David said...

Happy belated birthday Food, Glorious Food! LOL~

Melanie said...

David : Hey! Haven't seen you commenting for so long :P

Jess said...

*ahem* LOL