Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Eve Dinner 2009

The annual family Christmas Eve dinner was always something I look forward to ever since I was young. I would be anxiously helping in the kitchen and for many, many years I have always been the one "behind the scene". This year however was different. I was very much involved in preparing the dishes itself!

For the appetizer, we had Norwegian Smoked Salmon with wasabi creme on canape. It takes no more than 15 minutes to prepare, but it is also one of the most delicious appetizer!

Roasted turkey with stuffing was our entree for the night. It was only the three of us (me and my parents) so we didn't have any other mains. The big bird itself was rather filling!

To fulfill the vegetable quota, we had a bowl of garden salad with wholemeal garlic croutons.

The dressings was home whipped - we basically just add a small dollop of mayonaise, lemon and black pepper together with the bottled Kraft dressing.

This was my plate for the first round! My mom also made espagnole sauce using the turkey stock (turkey goodness from the roasting!). It was heavenly!

For desert, we had pannetone. It's a sweet Italian Christmas bread with almond flakes, raisins and fruit peels.

I also splurged on a pint of Ben and Jerry's! It is a lil pricey but I can assure you it's worth every penny! Chunk of goodness and extremely rich! Chubby Hubby had the fudge covered peanut butter filled pretzels that makes it very hard to mould it nicely using the ice cream scoop tho.

To make it even more sinful, we had it with bits of Snickers! If you ask me to describe Ben and Jerry's taste in two words it shall be : sex and orgasm. :D

And finally, what is celebration without some booze? I bought some mildly infused vodka drinks (It was only 5.6%. Lol). The green (lime) was good. The tangy flavor of lime has always paired well with vodka.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I certainly did have a great time with my family! :)

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David said...

Hey Mel, wish you a belated Merry Christmas! Nice dinner you had on Christmas Eve. ;)

And, wishing you a blessed and Happy New Year 2010! Reading your blog while watching the countdown on TV with my family. Haha...

All the best in this new year. (^.^)/