Thursday, September 24, 2009

A & W Gurney Plaza

Out of the many restaurants in Gurney, I don't know what crossed my mind when I decided to have A & W instead.

It was the first day of Ed Mubarak and instead of being greeted with joyous Raya spirit, we were treated by a cashier with a grumpy moody look. What's even more was the manager was also very grumpy looking. Fine I thought. Just give me my food!

I wanted something different so I ordered the Double Mozza Burger. It was nothing special, double beef patties with cheese and a piece of an extremely dry beef bacon. The bacon was so dry it almost felt like they have left it under the hot sun to dry it up!

My friend went for the safer option. The coney dog. Doesn't look so impressive too eh? What's with the minimal amount of toppings?

It is cheaper to order in set but we did in ala carte for one sole reason - the curly fries. The set came with the shoe string fries and we wanted the curly fries and are willing to pay more for it. But what we got was soggy and extremely oily curly fries! geez!

Ok, all the food were disastrously disappointing, the root beer can't go wrong right? But it did! :( It was so diluted that it was almost tasteless. Sigh!

A & W , LOUSIER than the usual!


Unknown said...

tat's raya mood

Ken Wooi said...

actually A&W is not good already..
i been there last time.. the chicken patty is so weirddd!

Huai Bin said...

I can still remember the jingle:

A&W root beer, it goes so well, with any food here, it's completely satisfying, get the taste of A&W! =D

Damn, that's either good marketing or I was at a very impressionable age then (12 or 13).

I can memorize the KFC jingle too!

Melanie said...

Baby : Hahaha

Kenwooi : But i used to really like A & w so it was quite dissapointing :(

Huai Bin : Hahah! i can only remember Gardenia's jingle. In BM one.
"Gardenia, sedap dimakan begitu saja!"
(which is not very true. LOL.)