Saturday, June 13, 2009

A pronto breakfast

I love cooking from scratch but a little part of me still love the food from Chef Boyardee era. Especially on days when I wake up feeling lazy and want something quick.

Nothing can wrong with sausages! Kids love it, Adults love it too! ;p

It's not obligatory to have burger buns to go along with your patties. You can eat it just like that!

Put both in the oven or pan fry it. The former is a lot healthier!

Baked beans is my all time favourite food. The one by Heinz is a lot better than the locally produced ones.

While the sausages and patties are in the oven , prepare the half boil egg.

It's not exactly an ultimate breakfast since it's fast food (except for the half boil egg) and it contains lots of trans fat. But once in a while, i reckon it wont hurt much. ;p


Nelson said...

nice sinful breakfast,

where to get those porky burgers and sausages?

Melanie said...

Nelson : If you're from Kuching, you can get it from Cold Storage, Green Heights Mall. But if you're from KL and Penang, you can easily get hold of it in any hypermarkets. Not too sure of other states tho. :)