Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pancake with caramelized banana, chocolate and maple syrup

To prepare the caramelized banana, you'll need bananas, sugar and butter.

It's really easy. Just cook the three ingredients in a small pot at a slow heat. Sugar burnt really quickly so be careful of the heat.

Cook for about 5 minutes or so and you should get something like this. It looks really yellow because i'm using fine sugar but if you want the nice caramel brown color, use brown sugar.

For the pancake, I used Green's pancake pre-mix which is an Australian brand. It is in a bottle, so basically, just add in water and shake it. Betty Crocker used to be my favourite but i found out Green's tasted better but texture wise, Betty Crocker is better.

Slightly grease the pancake pan with butter. If you don't have a pancake pan, you can use the normal non-stick frying pan.

When the surface of the pancake is bubbled like this, it means the pancake is ready to be turn.

A perfect pancake should have this golden brown surface.

Served the pancake with maple syrup and the caramelized banana you prepare earlier.

Or, if you love chocolate, you can also prepare chocolate ganache and sandwiched it. Then serve it in a pool of maple syrup.

A cup of good and thick chocolate malt drink to go with your pancakes.

Great stuff to start your day.


Ai-Ling said...

this is definitely gonna be my family breakfast tmrw :)

Mr. Rite said...

Wish u were my wife. i would be the luckiest and happiest man in the world with such a great cook.

Melanie said...

Mr Rite : Awwwww.. Mr Rite,your comment totally make my day. Thanks :)

Melanie said...

Ai ling : So how was the outcome? Good? ;p

Cai Hong said...

too yummy fooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

pancake,o no,i love it and love mix it wif honey:0

Huai Bin said...

Very nice Mel! Now you've made me hungry. :(
I love bananas.

Melanie said...

Cai Hong : Try it with maple syrup! It's really good ! ;p

Huai Bin : "I love bananas".. Sounds wrong coming from a man. =D