Sunday, May 10, 2009

Little Oasis, Prangin Mall Penang

I was meaning to have my lunch in front of the restaurant opposite this place but it seems that they are not exactly prepared to serve customers yet. So, me and my friend walked in front of this restaurant where they place a huge menu and have a look. The price seems right, the food looks alluring but what really drew us in the restaurant was the nice waiter - who i believe is the father of the owner.

It didn't take us long to made up our mind since the man has been raving to us about the full course meal. and no, this is not a backdated post. I am a little puzzled why they are still in Chinese New Year mood too. ;p

You can choose between ice lemon tea or green tea for your drinks.

It is a slightly diluted version of the Nestea pack, but still drinkable.

Mushroom soup for the appetizer.

Very campbell's-like, nothing to shout.

There's a wide selection of mains. Chicken are mostly priced below RM 15, while sirloins and lamb chops are a tad more expensive, but still below RM 20. The price are inclusive of the appetizers, deserts and drinks. Very, very cheap for a full course meal.

I was just having lunch so I chose to have chicken since red meat would leave me in post-lunch comma. (
HB's Tm ;p)

Mushroom Chicken Chop

The mushroom gravy was too thick and the chicken was not marinated at all. It was tasteless. Not salty, not sweet, not sour. The side dish was ok. I mean, how could fries and coleslaw go wrong right?

Hawaiian Chicken

I love the presentation. If they had saute the pineapple slice with a bit of caramelized sugar it will be great. But when it comes to tasting the chicken, it was bad, though slightly better than the mushroom chicken. To make matters worse, it was served in a pool of tasteless gravy! The mashed potato tasted weird and the gravy was watery, in fact there was not even a single consistency in it. Sigh!

For desert, it was a scoop of ice cream.

It was served on a chilled cocktail glass and fortunately, it was not tasteless.

They graduated with honours in terms of presentation, but taste wise, they fail miserably. Of course, it's dirt cheap but to be honest, it's very disappointing munching something with nil taste. No second visit!

Oh yeah, since today is Mother's Day, so Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers in the world that happen to read my blog!

This Mother's Day, I got my mum an air ticket! :) I *cough* love *cough* you, mum. ;p

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