Wednesday, March 18, 2009


One of the little things in life that made my day is receiving a package (or a letter for that matter). The excitement of opening a package is just priceless.

From someone wonderful , to someone wonderful. :D

I had no idea what's inside but the first thing I saw was a Tesco reusable plastic beg! From an environmental enthusiasts who claimed that I've been using too much plastic begs. :P

And then it's Ovaltine and my favourite golden bear biscuit, strawberry flavour! I know you must've thought why it's Ovaltine, not Milo ? Well, Jess read it somewhere that Ovaltine improves your short-term memory. It doesn't work with other chocolate malt drink though.

Even with the advancement in technology, I think nothing beats receiving a snail mail or a package. It's just different. ;p

Start sending me things now! :)

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minicharms said...

It's been long since i had Ovaltine