Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chap Goh Mey 2009

Yesterday marks the second time of me celebrating the end of Chinese New Year without my family. I miss them a lot and to get things off my mind I promised myself a good meal.

There's chicken, potatoes, baked beans, french beans, pandan chicken and vegetarian meat rolls. It looks pretty normal but I don't normally have a luxury like this. and if you consider the fact that i didn't eat the whole day, this is nothing close to luxury.

All wash down with a pack of Milo Ais.

I also have some left over oranges that i bought a few days ago.

I won't say mine is a sad Chap Goh Mey, because i believe there's probably millions out there who could not even afford a meal. So yes, I am contented with what I have. :)

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