Thursday, May 08, 2008

Salad Yau Cha Kueh

I had my seniors tapau-ed for me from Kuala Perlis yesterday. The place is nearby the jetty so you won't miss it. After all , Perlis is damn small lah! Omg. Oh , and the place looks exactly like Buntal of Kuching man! 100 % replica. No joke!

I know this is not a new dish. It has been around for some time. I call it the "Modernised yau cha kueh"
. Yau Cha Kueh is also known as Chinese Cruellers .. bad name eh ? Incase you all don't know , salad yau cha kueh is actually fish-ball like batter sandwiched with the normal yau cha kueh and then deep fried and to be eaten by dunking it in the mayonaise first.

Nice, fat, crispy Yau Cha Kueh !

I tell you this place, the mayonaise is to die for! Don't know how they make their mayonaise taste so good!!! So thick and so sinful!

Want a bite?

If you're a fan of salad yau cha kueh , Kuala Perlis is the place to dig the best and delicious one! ;p and do try the fat and juicy satay yea!!

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