Saturday, May 03, 2008

Pasar Malam

Every Saturday, there will be Pasar Malam at my hostel and that's when all the stalls in the mall and cafe will be close. There's many choices and I won't say i am exactly happy with the extra choices coz i tend to spend more on food that won't make me full.

There's about 20 stalls . It's a mini pasar malam ;p

It is also at this pasar malam i was introduced to some of the food i never heard of.

Like :


I had always thought it was yoghurt Malay style. But it turns out to be just pudding. Absolutely good during hot weather.

Air Lengkong

My sis told me it sounds more like air longkang! Lol. But , it's actually only "cincau"!

Burger Goreng

I had my first burger goreng in Nilai but this one tasted way better. Very cheap too. RM 1.30 only!!

Lok Lok Goreng

Back in Kuching, most Lok Loks are boiled. Here it's fried. It tasted good and the chilli sauce is to die for. Really lah!

Best Long Fish Cake

It's one of the lok lok actually but this is the best ! :P

Meat Patties

I find it very weird how they sell meat patties in pieces and people here just eat it like that? I usually buy them to be eaten with bread.

Keropok Lekor

Keropok lekor is kinda normal but it was this Pasar Malam where i tasted keropok lekor that is "hollow".

Ayam Golek

I've heard of Ayam Golek before but never tasted it and the one they sell here is satisfactory . Not bad. ;p

So that's my pasar malam life in Hostel ;p


David said...

Haha... I find it weird too how they can just eat the burger patties just like that?

I have to put it in between the bun.

It's so popular in my school canteen and anywhere especially pasar malam(s) since few years back. Maybe it's a Peninsular Malay culture?

Anonymous said...


it's similar to our p/mlm at SS2, Petaling Jaya.

But you got the picture better than me. I link your post to my blog ;)

keyword: pasar malam
Link >>

Michael Lim ;)