Thursday, August 23, 2007

A series of unfortunate events

Well, just as i thought .... i could blog with my newly-bought laptop...

i was wrong. Very WRONG.


my laptop is gone.

forever gone.

it was stolen.

everybody , please mourn for my laptop and curse the thieve to die in a bus crash.

Thank You


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry you lost your laptop. But do try and keep up with the excellent postings you've managed on your blog. I just happened to stumble across your blog while searching for SE Asian food-recipes. Take care and God Bless.

Melanie said...

Thanks a lot Maya. I will still definitely continue posting .. but i might take a month break. since it's really not convienient to blog using the computer in the uni lab.I'm going bek to my hometown in a month time .. and i have a lot of food pics in my cam dy.. In the mean time ,please read my past post and stay loyal to my blog! :)

Bengz said...

Aiyoh Mel...cannot say bus crash...later alot of other innocent ppl inside...later it could be urs or my future beau...hehehe...anyway be patient and go window shopping first b4 you decide to buy a friend...=p

love ya

ah b3ng

Melanie said...


well. yeah.. btw , im goin bek this october ! kita pegi yum cha!