Saturday, May 05, 2007

Swan Teem

It was just an ordinary dinner outside , my dad decided to bring us to this new place "endorsed" by The chef from Ah Ka Su. (Ah Ka Su is popular for their roasted pig and salted marinated kampung chicken).. Apparently the chef decided to show his talent in a new place.Situated just opposite "The Venue" in RH Plaza.

Like i said , it was just an ordinary dinner. No special dates.. no nothing . Thinking it's just another normal place, i wore a crumbled t-shirt with a normal shorts. Upon arrival..i was a bit shocked to see it's a "5-star" restaurant... and everyone was nicely dress! My sis said i look like a maid! haha!

The place is comfortably-spacious and well air-conditioned. It has air conds in every 50 m? and the place is rather huge. Oh i got to eat with Tony Fernandez too. NOT! This Chinese man couldn't stop blabbing about Air Asia with his friends... the whole time i was there. I feel like walking to him and ask if he was paid by Air Asia.

The peanuts was good. And mind you , im not a peanut fan.

Ok, back to the food...

What i had ?

Roasted Piglet ( The restaurant named it Lucky Beijing Barbeque pig)

Everyone loves roasted piglets! haha! It's my favourite food! For those of you who never tried this.. pity you.. since roasted piglets are like shark fin in the chinese community. One Lil plate of this cost RM 40.
The roasted pig is just above average. I still love the one from Anchor House even though it's a lil more costly. Oh btw , i heard the piglets are imported from China. A turn off statement.. We all know China's food are not trust-able. But i guess they must be save to eaten since it's quite difficult to get through the Malaysian Authorities when it comes to non-halal stuffs. Ratings : 8/10

Salted Marinated Kampung Chicken

This one is cooked with sea salt ( a larger "molecules" salt) wrapped in aluminium foil. Honestly , i am not a fan of kampung chicken.. coz they're rather more rubber-rish. Yes , there is difference between kampung chix! But OMG, this one is soooo tender!!! SO GOOD!
Ratings : 10/10

Asparagus fried with Pacific Clams

Asparagus is one of the "edible" vege in "my-food-dictionary". Their asparagus is so well -cooked! the taste is just right.. ah! Perfect 10 babeh! If you're wondering what pacific clams are ... they're the one in a small can costing around RM 25. I Think in mandarin they call it "bao bei". so funny.. bao bei = baby. It's like .. "hey , i ate asparagus fried with a baby!" LOL !!! Ratings : 10/10

Stir-Fry live frog

What?Frog ar?Yes la! Frog is edible ok? It taste so good :P Good . good :P
Ratings : 10/10

Fried Tang Hoon

The glass noodle is fried with onion,carrots, bean sprouts, prawn and fish. The prawn was OMG so fresh! And what makes this dish different.. was the fish was deep-fried. This one is not bad and i have no complaints about it. Ratings : 7/10

Somehow.. i think it's weird how such high standard restaurant have Scooby-doo tissue box? It's like as if you stay in Hilton and they have powerpuff bedsheet ? hehe.

It's been a while since i last ate a really good chinese food ever since Crystal Jade close down. The bill came up to RM140. It was worth every single cent. Lok Thian can kiss their ass. Lok Thian food sucks! Cheap stuff!

Anyway my dad booked a VIP room there, so,I'm goin there again next Sunday... !

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