Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Laksa Frenzy!

Exactly 3 months ago , i said i will make a survey on where is the best laksa in kuching right?

I never did promised the readers but hey, i did a survey myself on various places in Kuching. Yes , u heard it . Myself. I must say it's hard to differentiate when i was editing photos since there's so many pictures of laksa. :P

Here's a review of the places i went. Most of them are the popular ones while some of it are my personal favourites that are not popular. (the underdogs we call it)

Chong Choon Cafe

This is one of the most popular one in Kuching. They are widely publicised.. and even came out on tv. They even claimed that they boil the soup for 12 hours. True or not? I dont know. The taste? In my opinion i would think their laksa has no "kick" and often they give me too lil belachan. Plus the belachan is not nice at all!i personally think they are overrated. Ratings : 6/10

Fat cat Tabuan Laru

Situated at the same row with J n J cafe.There's rumours saying that they take the soup from Chong Choon and later improvised it. I personally think it taste a lot better than the one in Chong Choon. Full of flavours. But both of them is similar in a sense they do not have the "original laksa smell" we sarawakians crave's a lil curry-ish. But , they're laksa is good compared to many other places.
Ratings : 6.5/10

Syn Hyn Yung in Pending industrial area

The location is a lil hard to explain. It's the same row with Big Family Bakery. And nearby Johan shipping company.. This laksa has the original laksa taste i like. Full of flavours and the soup taste just nice. I juz have a lil problem with the vermicelli. It's often over-cooked.the prawn is fresh too. OH yea, this place is where our sarawakian lady-cum-male Jessie Chung 's mother have breakfast every morning. Her mother's crazy. TRUST ME! anyway , i wonder if Jessie Chung stil have a dick. haha!Ok, a lil out of topic. LOl. Ratings : 9/10

Golden Arch Laksa (the one inside -not facing the roundabout)

Again another overrated place.easily spotted coz there's plenty of cars there.If you know where is 3rd mile roundabout , you know where is this place. They're popular for the huge prawn in the laksa. I used to like their laksa when i was very young ... but right now i don't. They're laksa soup is SUPER THICK and is more like belachan soup? No laksa smell at all.and the vermicelli is FOREVER overcooked. Seriously their soup is too thick ... if you dont love ur arteries , you can just commit suicide here. OH!! i've herd they "recycle" their soup.. so if you're lucky you get to taste other ppl's saliva here oso! haha! Ratings : 1/10

Crowne Plaza Riverside Kuching

this one ... sucks. not even laksa. Dont know what shit is that.. friggin RM 18. kanasai! I dont even think it's worth to rate! _|_

Madam Tang's

Also very over rated.. situated somewhere in Petanak. Sucks. Too curry-ish. Don't understand this people . Like to modify laksa. End up taste like Curry. B-o-d-o-h! :P Ratings : 3/10

Ah yew Laksa

This is so good!!! THE BEST! they have one in sekama (the original place) and one in Bormill. They taste almost the same but i prefer the bormill one.the soup is very red.. and so appetizing! The man is generous when you ask for anything extra. Great one.So far it's the only spicy laksa i've tasted. Portion is little tho.. hence making it quite expensif. But the only one that can fulfill my lust for laksa! Ratings : 10/10

Hui sing laksa

The very original laksa. They taste like how laksa suppose to be.No curry smell. It's good ! oh yeah ..its cheap too! lots of egg and chix meat! :P It's situated juz right opposite the mini police station. Ratings : 10/10

Tabuan Jaya Opposite Sweet Memory

This is the only laksa in Kuching with sea cockles. (they have another stall in the thompson corner tabuan jaya).. the soup doesnt taste "right". No laksa smell.. but more to the indian spices. Not nice.Prawns and cockles not fresh at all.They have the BEST BELACHAN tho. Ratings : 5/10

Tabuan Jaya Siang Siang (next to 99 dimsum stall)

This is the only place where you can satisfy your lust for laksa at night. Pretty good. But the service is pain in d ass. Ratings : 6/10

Barret's Laksa

I think they spend more on publicity rather than earning from selling the laksa. haha! Not nice at all if it's to be compared to how they rave about it. Portion is pretty big tho~. And the service is good. they're frenly. they have a website btw.. selling the laksa paste. Not worth visiting..coz tak sedap! haha! Ratings : 5/10

Foody Goody Laksa

This one came out on tv as well. I herd they earn thousands a week! :P their laksa is rather different from others.. not as thick as others (in a gud way). and the spices smell pretty strong. (not the laksa smell).. soups kinda black (even tho it's not pictured above? )... Ratings : 6/10

Was the 5 days of waiting worth it?

I sure hope so!


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*JayNy* said...

Hi...came across ur blog thru frenster...
Love ur blog abt laksa...I lurv laksa ! make me drool looking at those pictures...
anyway, u hav a nice blog n i enjoyed reading it...keep it up ! ^^