Friday, March 23, 2007

Good night out!

Yesterday , i met up with Handsome Ah Ben , my best gossip mate in class! (I curi the photo from his fster)

Ah ben had always been one of the few guys i had a soft spot in my heart. He's always jovial and a good "joker" mind you , his jokes are not lame. His jokes are really cranky that you prolly laugh and puke the same time. He give you the same high-ness alchohol gives you! I'll always remember the time we makan in class , and the "i'm not ur cup of tea thing" (JENG JENG JENG. *cough*)... and a bet with him which i got a white rose! Oh , he's good in gossiping too! :D A quote from him "ohhh la la" HAHA!

I havent met him for a talk ever since SPM ends , so to meet him up , totally got me excited!
He's always busy and it's sooo hard to go out with him. He claims i dunno how to pick the time! hmmph! seriously , asking Badawi out is prolly easier!

Anyway , We went to this place called Cheers last nite. It's next to fortuneland and beside Sin Hwa Apartment. There's not much pics tho' coz we're too busy talking! :P and .. was kinda suey coz non of us brought DG cam, and even more suey, 3 of us had camera phone bt none of our phone has Flash! This is what we had.

Me and Ben ordered the same . (or rather made the same mistake. LOL)

Mongolian Chicken Rice RM8.50

Taste no other like fried chicken with plain white rice. Except it had some gravy on it ... which is barely enough for the whole piece of chix. The taste is too blunt and not creamy enough. The rice .. white rice nia lo. Dissapointed. Better go coffeeshop eat salad chicken rice. uekk.

Jess had this.

Grilled Chicken chop RM 12.90

I dunno nice o not. But she said it's ok. The plate is huge but not the portion. Oh oh. Her french loaf garlic bread has some greenish stuff on it! we suspect it's seiko oredi! and keep laughing it off saying it's kaya! LOL!!

Beng and gf joined later , but i was too syiok talking to Ben and Jess dy so i did not bother to take pics of their food. Hahah.

OH, the drink tat i ordered is Ice blended Mocha
RM 3

It taste bad. More like a slush. which i dun fancy? And Jess ordered Ice Blended Lime , so i reckon they don't wash the blender and blend mine. So it's like ice Blended Mocha+ Lime. another dissapointment. :( and d glass is friggin ugly. I hate plastic glassesss!!!

Honestly , i didn't bother much bout the food (for the 1st time) coz i was busy talking and laughing (bout ppl. LOl) with J and B. (Lazy type their name out dy).

Oh. the service in Cheers damn lousy. We waited our food for about 30 mins when we're the only customer?????

After tat we continue our gossip/chat session in
Patience Daily. (Dang,i din bring my cam there again! ) Patience Daily is a MUST -try place but i'm sorry coz i cudn't blog bout it... they seem to have no fate with my blog since i forget to bring my cam every of my visit there! The blueberry coolest shake is damn good. And Ben's banana shake was good too. This sentence sounds VERY WRONG. haha. Oh , it's oso .. Sam and Stef's historical place. (I tink. LOL)

Overall , it was a great night.We laughed practically every minute! LOl We ended the night with a walk in the "creepy" waterfront. I wish Ben would inherit the laughing gene to my (next) boyfren. HAHAHA!

** Huai Bin is back to the blogsphere! Hurray!!!! He was in rehab last month , and now back with his new blog!Sixthseal had to be close.. forever. He's got good food reviews there and awesome English.


Anonymous said...

lol!! i haven't had that much fun since...the last time we went out!! (not counting CNY tho) which means, it was that time we went out to celebrate ur b'day!! omg, so looooong ago!! hahaha...yey! huai bin is back!!

Melanie said...

hahaha .. yea.. Longgggg agoooo.. !! most of the time we went out was miserably both of us. LOL