Monday, February 19, 2007

Chinese New Year 2007

First day of CNY , is over again in just a blink of eye. Many would agree the best day during CNY is the reunion and the 1st day.

What do we enjoy most during CNY?

FOOD! and excessive fireworks, and lots of gambling. I dont gamble tho. well i almost never gamble. ;)

My reunion and my 1st day went well. Nothing special. Practically every year is the same. haha. Anyway i took pictures of what i ate for the first day. :)

The Long-life noodle.

This is my favourite dish on every morning of the 1st day of cny.The noodle is long and it signifies longevity. The noodle is cooked dried prawns, chilie, garlic and a little shallots. All those are blended. Then fry it with red leek which resembles having money to count all year long, and chinese sausage.ALso add in egss for more flava'.

Thai style Sea asparagus.

Sea asparagus is easily bought in the supermarkets especially during the cny season. Retailing around rm20 -rm24 for one can , depanding on brand. I've tried most of the brands, but i think all tasted the same. The sea asparagus is cooked, so u need not need to cook it again. Then u mix it with onion, chinese parsley, "bunga kantan", and the thai chilli sauce. And lastly squeeze the lime :P

Jelly fish ala Chinese

The jelly fish is cleaned, then , mix together the blended chilli sauce and blended peanuts. then wa la la. :P

Fish Maw, Pig's tendon and meat balls soup.

This is a normal chinese soup. Boiled together with chicken feet and pig's knuckles so that the soup will be "full of taste" and not blunt. After that just add in the Fish Maw, Pig's tendon and the meat balls.

The pig's throtter. (the leg not some "spare part
s". lol)

It's normally cooked few days before CNY, and the
n you wrapped it in a towel. CLEAN NEW TOWEL. then put it in the fridge and serve it chilled. Dip it with blended chilli sauce. :P The secret to a nice blended chillie sauce is to put the preserved beans inside. ^_*

Chicken Curry with potatoes.

What more can i say, It's just a curry. LOL

Oreo Cheesecake

My mum made the best oreo cheesecake, and its not like the one in the shop. Most of the shops crunched the oreo while i dun like it that way. I like it to be pieces. The whole piece of oreo! :) Taste good if you served with wine.

Bird Nest's Soup.

It's normally slow-cooked for hours , cooked with a lil water and rock sugar and pandan leaves for a nice aroma. Bird nest is known for the cut - throat-price, but it's good for the skin. I'm Lovin it! :P

And ofcourse i Had lots of tit bits , 12 cartons of carbonated drinksss.. woooo.

The best day of New Year has just passed again, and we'll have to wait for another year again. But i guess it's worth all the wait. :)

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