Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Sandwich Container

Heh , so i said i wanted to blog bout ice cream. But i haf this cool stuff to blog 1st. The tupperware sandwich container. it looks like this.

And these are the ingredients. Pls note that im using japanese kyuri. If u cant find them , u can still use our normal cucumber , but pls dun use zuchini ! you're nt compulsory to use tuna , but make sure the fillings is sumthing "sticky" otherwise ur sandwich will b a disaster. heh! and i used green bread so tat it'll look more appetizing.

the process itself is easy. i'll explain based on the numbers

1 ) spread the table margarine on all the bread. remember to "de-skin" the bread. :P

2) then , juz arrange the bread like the pic above. make sure the bread is overlapping one another.

3) after that, put the tuna . nt too much tho. just exactly like the pic above.

4) then juz arange layer by layer till its full. most importantly, use ur creativity!

later, put in the fridge for 2 hours.. wait patiently. HEH!

AND, tis is how it shud look like :)

and after that u jus slice it :) n it'll look like the pic on the left :P

beautiful creation!

eh , im not paid by tupperware to do tis ad! uekkz ! :P

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