Saturday, January 27, 2007

Lamb Chop And Mashed Potato

pics below are taken with my SEK610i

it's 2.28 a.m , and i haf church service in 4 hours time.heck, im suppose to be asleep. but my eyes wont shut. sigh. must b coz i drank too much. TEA. :P

anyway,like i promised, this post will be on lamb chop and mashed potato.

Lamb Chop and mashed potato = recipes for disaster if u're on a diet.

But hey, once in a while right? :P

I know that many ppl are very interested in eating steaks. However the word "steak" is often classify as "expensif food". so , the best way to eat steak cheap is to cook it yourself.

here are the ingredients :

1 . potatoes
2. extra virgin olive oil. ( can opt for butter if u wan to gain more weight)
3. saxa salt
4. lamb
5. saxa chilli and peppercorns
6. from left : HP sauce, Hunt's bbq sauce (d best in the world. hehe), lea and perrins sauce and dried parsley. even better if u haf fresh ones.
7 . (not in the pic)- UHT whipped cream
8. one tablespoon of flour -(not in d pic)
we'll start with the mashed potato 1st. 1st u boil it till its soft n cook. then follow the instructions below :

Next , we'll do the lamb choppy! seasoned your lamb. with ingredients no.3,5 and 6. "molest" the ingredients on the lamb (haha!) . Remember , NEVER marinate your lamb. leave it most up to 10 mins onli. Marinating is the last thing u shud do when u're cookin lamb chop yet, most ppl do this. trust chef mel yo!

Then saute your vege ( it can be any of ur choice , hence i din put d cauliflower[no , im not wrong.thats the green version of cauliflower, not brocoli.] as the ingredients), together with the lamb. cauliflower takes long time to cook if u dun boil them before hand , so put it in 1st if u opt to haf ur lamb medium rare. (i prefer it medium rare,no wel done pls.) Then the leftover "lamb juice" on the pan , put a lil water into it, then 2 table spoon of hp sauce, 2 tablespoon of hunts bbq sauce, and a lil bit of flour. stir it , then , put it on yr mashed potato :P

Here's how mine look like :) my pic is not so appetizing , but im drooling nw :P and u dun get meat at tat size in the shop :P

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