Friday, April 02, 2010

Malaysia Airlines In flight Food

This post is also posted in Malaysia Airlines' Blog : Living Malaysian Hospitality

I know there are quite a lot of people out there who are anti-in flight meal. Well, to some extent it is understandable because they are not generally very tasty. But for me, I actually find it quite exciting. Perhaps because it incorporates two things I love - the aviation industry and food.

I've always wondered if Malaysia Airlines recycle (as in reuse) the boxes ? I'm sure it's not cheap so it will be quite wasting to throw away. At the same time, if they really do reuse it's quite disgusting also. :p

Nasi Lemak is definitely one of the most served food on board for Malaysia Airlines. Based on my experiences, any flights before 10 A.M you're sure to have Nasi Lemak. (and usually the other choice is fried bee hoon.)

The rice is a little too soft but taste wise, it is still edible.

With all the hype of being nice to the mother nature, MAS has join in the pact too! In some of their flights, they serve their meals in eco boxes like this.

You know, i've been flying MAS since I was seven years old (I'm 23 now *cough*). And while their food has improved a lot over the years, delicious was never the adjective to describe the food on board - albeit still tasting above average.

However, for once, I actually really thought the "chicken satay with peanut sauce and rice" was really nice. I finished it and almost asked for second servings. Haha. Kidding .. kidding. :P

I love fruit cakes but only home made ones. Commercialized ones tend to be too sweet or too dry. Surprisingly the one MAS was serving was almost on par with home made ones!

It actually takes a lot of courage to be photographing all these pictures on board. The passenger sitting beside me is always giving me weird stares! Heck, there's once this old men thought it was my first time taking the plane and actually taught me how to recline the seats and all. Geez.

I still have a few MAS in flight food review that is coming up! Divided them in two post cause I didn't want this post to be too lengthy.

To all my Christians readers, Hope you all had a blessed Good Friday and a great Easter Monday! :)

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theeggyolks said...

that's something new! I seldom see someone blogged about food like this! anyway, nice post with great pictures :D

Ken Wooi said...

the new line of food? why i didnt get such service when i was flying MAS in december 09 wan.. =P

Melanie said...

theeggyolks : Hahaha, thanks! I think people find it quite weird for me to be taking pictures of my food in plane. especially when i take quite a few shots of it coz most of the time it will turn out blur - the plane is shaking. haha

Kenwooi : were you flying short distance? they are only serving peanuts and juices for short distances. these are not their new line. It has been this way... since many many years ago. :-)

msihua said...

Why does your MAS food look so good?? The last couple of times I've flown and blown my budget, I've never had good food or good service... PLUS.. I'm flying from KL-MEL-KL.... that's why I've gone Air Asia on them... stupid MAS...meh!

Melanie said...

msihua : hahaha I have to agree on you on the service. Their service has never been really good. The stewards (ess) tend to be very double standard. Serving ang mohs better than our home people.

Fiona said...

came here looking for reviews of MH ahead of my trip with them end of May :) Looking forward to it!

Melanie said...

Fiona : Hope you have a pleasant flight with MAS. :)

KY said...

i think their food improved lately!

Melanie said...

KY : Ya, I also think so. I remember there was a period of time their food was almost not edible!