Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Secret Recipe

Secret Recipe is a no stranger "brand name". It is so popular in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand. It was originally by a man from Singapore if im not mistaken. They haf 175 branches in the west, bt non in the east. ( HEH!) They also earn numerous awards worldwide , and among it is Golden Bull award 2006 and Enterprise 50 award 2006. They're so good that you can even order their cake online.

If you ask me what is the only food i want to bring if im stuck on a desert , i would say CAKES. i tink cake is the greatest desert ever created by The Man above. Because my mum can bake very well (call me if you wanna order :>) , i set a very high bar of taste for any cakes i tasted outside. I can even judge the cake on whether it is using the "true" ingredients. No Kid

So Far, Secret recipe is the only shop where i c
an really satisfy my lust for cakes. it's so satisfying that i can close my eyes n dream to la-la land when i put a tiny bit in my mouth. sounds so exagerating but , yeah, i really love it. Ive been there almost uncountable times and my dad sumtimes even buy the whole cake from the shop home.. Yes, air flown cake. :) They do haf other western cuisines and pastries . I tried them and i Dont quite like it :P And , the best drink thr is their Ice Blended Chocolate. It' s really good. I dun haf a pic to share tho.

I never take any photos everytime i visit thr , but during my last visit at one of their branch in Ikano Power Centre, I took Pic with my Hp's cam :) I had 3 types that day , which is

New York Cheese cake

It's the best new york cheese cake i've tasted, and tis is one my favourite. I'll haf to say it's perfect. Thr fore , Chef Mel rating : 10 / 10

Then it's the Chocolate banana.Just look at the amount of banana :P it's not like other cake shops whr they said its "banana cake" and u need to play *hide and seek* to search for the banana. It tasted Ok. Just nice. :) Chef Mel rating : 8/ 10

and this one is the walnut brownie. It came with a toppings of melted chocolate. So , it kinda make the brownie more moist , and yea. it's good. Chef Mel rating: 9/10

I haf tasted a lot of other types as well but i dont haf the pic. So guys, if u need a place to indulge in a good cake, pay a lil more , and go to Secret Recipe. No regrets for sure.

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