Thursday, January 25, 2007

Best Coffee

KL 's a shopping paradise. Even the smallest shopping complex is bigger than Kuching's damn Tun Jugah. I went on a 10 days shopping spree not long ago, and i shopped more than 10 hours a day. After the 5th day , those megamalls , hypermarkets looks like a 400 m track to me. Im so tired. Yes ,for the first time, i was tired of shopping. ( plus , im fucking broke) I'm from Kuching and im not used to spend 10 hours in a shopping mall. I can spend one hour in 3 shopping malls.

And after a few days , of massive abuse to my leg n body carrying lots of plastic bags, my antibodies decided to die on me. Everybody would , if their in my case ok! I got so sick in Midvalley , and i almost fainted. at that time i was alone. I wanted to buy medicine but everywhr seems so far to me. So i decided to find a place to sit. I went to sushi king. WRONG CHOICE. omg.the fishy smell +headache = puke. after the 3rd plate of baby octopus, i was extremely queit. at that time my sis was thr with me. and she kept talking and im not answering. and she was like.. " r u ok?" and asked me to throw out at the sink behind me. i din OFCUZ~! Anyway , i went out of the shop quickly and walk to watson's to get paracetamol. Thank God , im very familiar with Midvalley (i've been thr many times, stayed thr too. so it was easy for me) . I quickly sat down at the bench and the ppl just wont stop moving and walking. I got even more headche!

so , i decided to go to DOME cafe and sat at the sofa. (juz what i wanted) i went thr alone coz my sis wanted to get sum books in MPH. i was greeted nicely and i dont need to order myself the drinks at the counter. :P There's not much choice of coffee drinks to choose from , so i chose the Honey Comb Ice Blended.

It came in glass instead of plastic cups.LOOOOK AT THE CREAM! so much! im drooling looking at the pics now man! the cream is topped with bits of honey was a huge cup too .
the price, no doubt is huge too. RM 17.50 . however i would say this is the best ice blended coffee i've tasted before. CHEF Mel rating : 9/10

After sitting for an hour, i feel so much better and continued to shop again.(HEHE) I'm definitely going back to Dome again!

Im posting so much bout kl, so pplz. my next post is Crowne Plaza , Riverside Kuching. :)

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