Saturday, January 27, 2007

Crowne Plaza, Riverside Kuching

pics below are taken with my SEk610i.
Im writing bout Crowne plaza, riverside Kuching! :)

They have 3 cafes all together , but i am a frequent visitor of their coffeehouse, Cafe' Majestic.
below are the interior pics.

Honestly , even tho i've been thr a lot of times with my mum, but i havent try more than 4 of their menu. after the waiter take your order , they'll serve you with sky juice and bagels. last time they use to serve me 2 bagels, now onli one.haha. cut cost. But i cant blame them,the restaurant is often empty and ppl onli pop by to go toilet. haha. i've herd stories saying their toilet is haunted tho~! :P

I normally go there when i crave for salmon. Yes, they make GREAT salmon salad. it's the best in Kuching and , it is the only place u eat fresh salmon. it's damn good. The salmon is realy a lot and for the price u pay , i can tell u , its fucking worth it. I cant rem the price , but it's less than rm30. it is served with a type of in-house-cook sauce , and the sauce is a lil sour-ish . and it blends realli well with the smoked salmon and the imported lettuce and fresh also came with a lil capers. and even tho its salad, but i guarantee u , after this plate , YOU'RE FULL! :) and , Chef Mel is giving it a perfect score. :) guys , this is a must try!

In a seperate visit , i haf cravings for laksa bt it was in the afternoon , so i haf no whr to go, so i went to riverside. but the laksa is DAMN TERIBLE lo! it's the worse laksa i've eaten in my whole life. the soup is thin , and it's tasteless. oh , and the soup damn black too. they must haf put too much of the laksa paste. Honestly the soup taste as tho they juz mix the paste with water. damn disapointed. The sambal taste so terible .all in all , the laksa is a disaster. chef mel : 0/10 . SERIOUS. coz it sucks.

i've tried their nasi lemak many times, and its Ok to me. nt the best tho'. i haf no pics to share hehe, coz my mum usually "tapau" for me. :) and their club sandwich is nice too. i herd the sirloin steak is nice too , but my mum said it kinda sucks. haha. :P the ice kacang is huge tho. no pics :(

oh , and if u go thr, and dunno what drink to order , order their ice lemon tea. they haf a perfect taste of ice lemon tea. ice lemon tea is one of fav drink so im very particular about hw it is suppose to taste like. and they haf a really good one :) and it came with a syrup water so u can pour it urself. FUN! :P chef mel rating : 10/10

thr for, i REALLY recommend the salmon. damn damn good. kill me if its not up to ur taste!

* next up , home made sushi :)

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