Friday, August 20, 2010

New Lane, Penang

If you're coming to Penang for a short trip and do not have ample of time in hands, New Lane is the one place you can visit to savor all the good food the island offers. It basically has everything Penang is famous for in one street!

Patrons here consist of mainly tourist, or locals hosting tourists and such. It's a common thing to sight people with cameras snapping the food, the people and the place.

Even with so many stalls in one lane, business are generally good for all the vendors. Just look at the amount of eggs this particular stalls used! However, as the tables are limited by numbers, getting a table during the weekends can be a tedious task.

Fried chicken skin is something I've just started to be accustomed to eating. I've seen this on sale in many places in Penang but because I don't take chicken skin (not for health reasons, I just don't like it) it never occur to me that it could taste so good on its own! It's perfectly fried to crisp so you don't get the oil from the chicken skin squirting out. It's really, really good! :D

My friend also ordered fried tofu from the same stall he ordered fried chicken skin. Both friends gave thumbs up for it but i wouldn't be able to comment on that. Tofu.. errr , doesn't appear in my food dictionary. :P

I love pork coagulated blood and the vendors here are very generous with the portion! :D For only RM4 a bowl, I can have more than 10 pieces of that gem! *feeling vampire-ish* :p Taste wise, I find curry mee taste similar in most places. It's also not something you can finish by yourself if you plan to order a lot of dishes as the soup tend to be really rich and fills you up.

It took me more than 10 visits to Penang before I finally tried char koay kak - and I didn't like it. It's more or less like the Kuching version of char kueh but tasted very differently. It was in between salty and spicy with a sweet after taste. Apologies to char koay kak fans, I find it a little too confusing for my taste bud. hehe.

My weird friend ordered wantan mee in a place that has so many better food choice. Lol. I didn't try though, cause I don't really like the taste of egg noodles - hence making wantan mee my least favourite food to eat.

Satay in my opinion is not the forte of Penangites. I've had it a couple of times and non of it is remarkable. This particular one here is supposed to be pork satay but taste a lot more like chicken.

Guleng Peng! I don't know if this drink is a specialty in Penang but i first had it in Penang and love it! It's the Chinese version of air bandung and instead of using rose syrup, they used grenadine. Absolutely refreshing!

The vendors only operates at night. During day time though, there's a coffeeshop right beside this lane that has excellent fried pork intestine porridge - supposedly famous also.

Word of Advice : According to locals, this place has got very high snatch thief cases, so becareful with your belongings when you're there kay?

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