Thursday, April 15, 2010

Penang Food Trail

I just got back from Penang yesterday evening! It was a good food trail, and boy was my stomach satisfied!

A sneak peak of my two days noms noms adventure! Reviews will take a while to be posted. Too many old back logs to clear!

Lorong Selamat Char Kueh Tiau

Been to Penang a gazillion times and finally found out how to go to the place.

Kek Seng Durian Ice Cream Ice Kacang

Had a hard time finding the place on the first day (never trust Google Maps!) but came upon it by accident the next day. Hehe.

New World Park Ice Kacang

Just beside where I was staying and pretty much made my friends had an overdose of Ice Kacang. Lol.

New Lane Night Market

Ordered too much that our table look like a buffet spread! :D

Famous Chicken Rice in Penang Road

On peak hours, you need to wait almost an hour for it! But I went on weekdays, at brunch hours so not much waiting. :P

Lebuh Anson's Dim Sum

If you want reasonable priced dim sum, this is the place to go. Opens from early morning till noon.

Loh Bak

We had it in numerous places and by the third day, we were quite sick of it. hahah.

Old Town Breakfast set

Also just next to the place I was staying. Needed a place to kill time while waiting to meet up with my friend.

And then there's leisure in the room! (100% clean leisure *cough*) It was movies , chips and some drinks.

Next day, we ordered Dominoes! :D

The puff pastry pizza isn't so great. Conventional is ze best!

And lastly, revising with beers.

Kidding, kidding. This didn't happen.

The bed was too comfortable so on both nights, I ended up falling asleep even before the movie ended. :)

Had heaps of fun! I'm now rejuvenated but...I am suffering from post-holiday syndrome. T.T

p/s : I will be based in Penang beginning June 2010. I'm looking for an accomodation so if you have any room to rent, please e-mail me at Preferably a place in Sg. Pinang or any where nearby Komtar. Would be great if you have pictures (of the place, not the landlord. Lol) attached. Thanks!


Anwar Zainuddin said...

my fovourite.....
the ice kacang looks so yummy...

Melanie said...

Khairul : Hi Khairul! :) The ice kacang is really yummy! we can go together someday. :P

msihua said...

Oh man.. lucky you.. I wish There was good Loh Bak places here, unfortunately everything looks and taste bad... I miss PENANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so jealous!

Melanie said...

msihua : haha! Penang is really a place to enjoy good food at a cheap price. Even if the stall is not really popular , the food they prepare still taste pretty decent! I love Penang! :P

jfook said...

Wow, hungry already. :(

Melanie said...

Jfook : hahaha, I'm hungry myself now. Jom makan together! :D

Huai Bin said...

Lorong Selamat CKT! My favorite! :)

Melanie said...

Huai Bin : Hahaha it's nice but a bit expensive :P