Monday, March 22, 2010

Old Town White Coffee

Looking at my last few latest post, I realized how long it has been since I last written a proper post. So, today, with a little extra time under my belt, I'm going to do my readers a little favor : to blog!

Location : Old Town White Coffee.

I've always have this mind set that if you really want to have savor local fares, you just have to have it in a hawker setting - with the heat, sweat and a little mess. In Malaysian lingo, "got feel ah!" But of course, there are times when I do wanna enjoy my nasi lemak or curry mee in a comfortable setting and when that happens, Old Town is the place to be!

This review is a collection of the Old Town-s in Kuching, KL and Penang. I initially wanted to have it in separate posts, but decided not to after looking at the amount of back logs I have yet to write.

Nasi lemak is my guilty pleasure. If only I was blessed with better metabolism rate, Nasi Lemak would be my staple food! Old Town pass with flying colors for the pre requisite of a good nasi lemak - great sambal!

The one pictured above is the Nasi Lemak with Rendang Ayam. They have another one - Nasi Lemak Special. I would suggest going for the latter as the chicken rendang is quite tasteless and not to mention, for the same portion as the Nasi Lemak Special, it's priced at RM 2 extra. Pfft.

A visit to Old Town is not going to be complete without ordering the toast. I love the kaya and butter toast.

But if you're into something with more heavy flavors, go for the curry potato toast.The curry isn't the best i've tasted, but it is nice. Slightly spicy and rather rich. Don't be fooled by the small portion, it really does fill you up!

The garlic butter toast is easily something you can pass on. It's nothing but a toast with garlic spread.

You know, I've always felt obligated to order their coffee in each and every visit. It must have been the nice coffee aroma that is lingering all around the establishment. But to be honest, I never like how their coffee taste. I've tried all of it (yes, I am a frequent patron!) and find the hazelnut coffee to be the worst amongst the range. I suppose it's an acquired taste. For me, I didn't like the unpleasant after taste.

The Xi Mut Milk Tea is quite different from other milk teas out there. It's thick and strong but it was not the kind of aroma i favor. I've also tried the other milk tea (they only have two if i'm not mistaken) and find it to be too mild instead. Yes, yes, I have a fussy taste bud to please. Lol.

I've never actually tried their non-caffeine drinks and the drinks below are ordered by my makan kaki - who have the tendency to order non-caffeine drinks in a coffee joint. :P

If there's anyone from Old Town management reading this : Hello! :) The service in LCCT suck balls. I've been there way too many times and it still sucks. I demanded for the manager but he/she was no way around. Hmpphff.


Zaqyah Razak said...

I heart Oldtown, my all time fave lepak spot. My current fave is javanese mee. Have you tried it? Oh,since you've never tried their non-caffeine drinks, as a start I suggest u to try honey lemon. its good. sorry I'm hopeless in reviewing food :)

Melanie said...

kim : i love old town too! I've never tried their java mee tho' coz i love their nasi lemak. Haha! Bt I will in my next visit. And yes, the honey lemon! I'll try both of that. Wont order their coffee/tea anymore. Hehe.

P/s : why you don't use Kim as your blogger name? I think the name suits you! More glamor oso :p

Huai Bin said...

I've been eating at Old Town a little too much lately, a lot of lunches there due to its proximity to a client's place, plus they have WiFi.

However, their stuff is good, I do like it too. :)

Melanie said...

HB : It's nice but the portion is a little too small for the price, don't you think? and you being quite a big eater (judging from your cookings! hahaha) , cukup makan or not? :P

Kristopher said...

Not yet been to Old Town Kopitian in Kuching. will go and try tonight...

Melanie said...

Kristopher : I might go there tonight too! :)