Friday, August 01, 2008

Jantayu Burger

I blog about this place before. On my previous post, this place was just a stall. After months away from Kuching , it miraculously transform to a shop. Guess they must be earning a lot!

In case you don't know the location, it's situated just opposite the Chung Hua School in Satok and beside the AmBank building.

The shop has the fast food restaurant ala Sugarbun concept but on a lower scale in terms of size and choices in the menu.

They serve 80 % popular western fast food at a very reasonable price.

I went for the burger without much thought.

The burger still lack in one of the main ingredients which is cabbage and onion.

I loved my burger to be flooded with sauce!! ooh la la!

Taste wise, the burger taste good albeit with the lack of cabbages and onion but i won't recommend this place for the sake of prioritising on the hygiene. On my second visit , i bought 3 burgers and ALL THREE had HAIR in it!

** Jess, remember how we fight through the rain and i accidentally honk loudly at the woman ?! Haha!


emOtsuXX said...

hi melanie..

i drOp by here just tO represent my restaurant jantayu black pepper hOuse in Order tO reply yOur blOg here..

anyway thanx fOr cOming n tasting Our burger here..

abOut the cabbage n OniOn, that was a gOOd idea.. but, there are sOme reasOns y we dOnt chOOse tO put thOse things..

first, the cabbage is sO easily stale n messy whenever my staff cut it intO pieces.. (we usually prepared n standby a lOt Of burgers at One time n put it in a warmer)

secOnd, the OniOn.. mOst Of Our custOmer had asked us NOT tO put OniOn in the burger.. plus, we already hv a black pepper gravy and as Our fOOd advisOr tOld us that the taste Of OniOn is nOt match with the black pepper gravy..

abOut hair.. we apOlOgize abOut that.. sO sOrry abOut wut had happened.. in that case, if that happened tO yOu then u shOuld gO direct tO the supervisOr that we had hired in Our restaurant Or directly tO us immediately.. we 100% ly sure can replace new clean burgers tO yOu.. nO prOblem abOut that..

dOnt be frightened tO visit us again, because it shan't happen everyday Or any day.. n i'll make sure it wOnt happen again.. Once again i apOlOgize fOr wut had happened..

peace =D

Melanie said...

Hie Emotsuxx ,

thanks for the lengthy comment. and thumbs up for hearing customer's feedback. I'll have to say ur burger is one of a kind in kuching albeit with the lack of cabbage and onion - for reasons you've explained clear enough. any chance of me having free burgers? hehe! anyway, thanks for dropping by!

Chef Mel

emOtsuXX said...

hi mel.. as i said befOre.. 100%ly sure.. =D..

intrOduce yOurself tO my staff.. n u'll get One.. =D dOnt fOrget tO mentiOn my name anyway huhuhu

Melanie said...

hie emotsuxx again,

i'll be back in Kuching in November , will the free burger be valid again? haha! :P

Chef Mel

emOtsuXX said...

sure sure.. nO big deal =D