Friday, April 11, 2008

Chicago 7

Missed me? hehe. Wireless is down in hostel so i've been deprived from the cyber world for a long long long time.

Heard of Chicago 7 ? It's actually some un-popular franchise from overseas..and the typical Malaysian attitude is everything from Ang Moh country IS GOOD.

When Chicago 7 1st open in Kuching, a lot of people think it's kinda weird how they would choose Kuching for their 1st franchise in Malaysia and not KL. My answer for that question is easy- they simply can't afford any shops in KL!

I am pretty sure you can sense a bad review here..Btw, Chicago 7 is located at East Moore , the old Maybank and Southern Bakery.

I heard many bad comments but i still decided to give them a try...

I was very turn off with the waitress. they look so dull and .... bored. Coz well, i can get it, there's no one there.

Ok, i ordered :

I dunno the name but if i'm not mistaken it's cheese coney dog. It doesn't matter anyway, coz it taste so bad , it looks so bad, i juz feel like throwing it at the boss!!

Then this bar-b-q burger. The roadside burger taste a zillion times better. The bun is so... hard man. Throw at you can die one!!

The fries ... was ok .

Let just count the days till it shrink since there's two lots now, and then close down! :)

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