Friday, June 15, 2007

Tagged by Sadistic Stef!

[A is for age:]+ 19+++

[B is for beer of choice?]+ Heineken. But i don't drink much? hehe

[C is for career:]+ job: chef in Hilton (yeala..laugh .. go ahead and laugh.. HAHA!)

[D is for your dog's name:]+ Bruno

[E is for essential item you use everyday:]+ uhmm.. item? HP i guess

[F is for favorite song at the moment:]+ Hadapi Dengan Senyuman- Dewa

[F is for food you want]+ *cough* HUGE BURGERS

[G is for favorite games:]+ bejeweled , pizza frenzy, yahoo on9 pool

[H is for hometown:]+ The city with the big cat statue!

[I is for instruments you play:]+ *sobzz* NON

[J is for favorite juice?:]+ Guava

[K is for kids?:]+ i have one on the way. haha!

[L is for last hug?:]+ Erm.. just now. Virtually from Jaron! LOL

[M is for malls:]+ Mid valley !! YAY!

[N is for name of your love:]+ Jess, Stef , Beng ,Jo, Sam, JARON and KOO KIEN KIAT! haha

[O is for overnight hospital stays:]+ 9 nights for mummy's operation... it was cold and freaky. haha!

[P is for phobias:]+ height and GHOST!

[Q is for quote:]+ Always start your day with determination , and end it with satisfaction!

[R is for your race:]+ I'm pure Cina!

[S is for status:]+ Married.. rem i say i have a baby on the way ?:P

[T is for things you like:]+ Panties, Tshirt , Pedicures, Adidas, Pink stuff

[U is for underwear:]+ with nice corny words.. juz like how i like my tees to be! :P

[V is for vegetable you love:]+ asparagus and bidin

[W is for worst habit :] + lazy

[X is for x-rays you've had:]+ never had.

[Y is for yummyfood you make:]+ rem i said im a chef? :P

[Z is for zodiac sign:]+ I'm sagitarius but i don't believe in horoscopes. You know how when you get excited reading your forecast horoscopes saying your day will be as great as anything but u ended up feeling like shyt the whole day? hehe

I am tagging Chef Fergile!

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