Saturday, June 16, 2007

919 cafe (Seng Goon Garden)

This place is very near my house... I almost can walk there. I said ALMOST! haha! Most of the time i "tapau" so ... i never really get to blog about this place. But , i'm definitely a regular patron here. Anyway , it's located at an old building in Seng Goon Garden. Find the indoor basketball court , and you'll know where is this place.

I know the picture above is not a good one to show where is it located.. coz when i was taking this photo , a man was waiting to park at my place and it kinda caused a freeze in the traffic. They are popular for the asam fish ..but i've never tried it? Friends who know me knows i don't normally eat seafood outside.

I've tried more than half of their menu ...this are a few that i find good.

Tomato Kueh Tiaw RM 3.50

The tomato kueh tiau here is the best in Kuching! It's sour ,salty and sweet! Just like how tomato kueh tiaw should taste. The portion is lesser compared to other places, but man, who cares? It's good! Comes with marinated chix, fresh squids and prawn. They have the noodles and bee hoon version too. Best eaten with their soy sauce chili. Spicy, salty,sour and salty- All in one babeh!

Foochow Noodles RM 3.50

This isn't exactly my favourite. But it's not bad there.. just that it's a bit waterish. The Sucker Jo likes it. haha!

Butter Chicken Rice RM 4.50

The Butter Chicken Rice here is THE BEST! The butter sauce is cooked with shredded curry leaves so it has this really good aroma. Man , i feel like eating it now dy! You have a choice of chicken , pork and fish! :) Must try this one! Damn good! [RM 5- Pork, RM 6 -Fish]

Mushroom Pork Leg (served in claypot)
RM 3.50

The mushroom pork leg is also one the favourites there. The picture above doesn't shows the supposedly pork leg.. coz Sam ordered the loin part. Heheh.

Buah Kedondong Juice + Asam Boi RM 2

This place is where I 1st taste buah kedondong juice. It's really good and many tell me it's the best in Kuching. You can see most diners order this drink not only when eating there but they actually "tapau-ed" too. It's so good , that one is not enough! :P

Wheat Grass C RM 1.80

This is pretty normal lah. It's just wheat grass + evaporated milk. But i like how the taste blend. So special.

Teh Peng RM 1.40

I'm a hard core fan of teh peng and i order it almost any where , every where , any time! And , i'll vote this one as the BEST teh peng! ( excluded 3 layer ones) Their teh peng is not only added with condensed milk.. but they mix both evaporated milk and condensed milk. So the teh c peng and teh peng here is the same.

Fresh Lime + Asam Boi RM 2

The lime is blended but it doesn't have the bitter taste. I don't really like ordering Fresh lime in coffee shops coz they tend to have the bitter-ish taste. This one is just good.

Other good eats here are the Thai Chicken rice, Salad Chicken Rice and Sweet and Sour chicken rice. They have fast food as well during lunch hour at very reasonable price.

Everything is perfect here. The "tau ke" is extremely polite , the workers are nice and the coffee shop is CLEAN! The only laid back is that never come here when you're about to famished and collapse from hunger. Waiting 20 minutes or more is the norm here~!


BubblishVonne said...

I went there once ler..the food there not bad but its expensive ler..the portion very small la~~ I know the tauke of this coffee shop..he is my neighbour..

Melanie said...

bublishvonne :

good stuff comes in better price. hahah. whr u stay? :P

BubblishVonne said...

I live at Tabuan Jaya.. =P

Choonie, the Guru said...

I am staying somewhere in Seng Goon too. hihihihi.. I can walk to Cafe 919 too. I always see a lot of ppl there but I never been there. The taukeh is somehow related to my hubby. Will definitely give it a try. I usually go to Hui Sing food stall.

Melanie said...

hello choonie! Good to see you here.. yea , u shud give a try. it's good. take my words!