Sunday, June 10, 2007

Hui Sing Hawker Centre

I do think this post might make those who currently in overseas (STEF AND BENG) drool and wet their computer.. Or maybe they might kill me for writing this post! Hahaha!

Anyway , this post is actually dedicated to two of my dear friends , Stef and Hua Beng , with the help of Jess who accompany me eat.. She didn't pay for me tho. LOL

This place is rather Nostalgic to me ,cause i stay kinda nearby here.. so i practically grew up eating dinner here. A place that is very much part of me. I tasted every single stall before ... and knew pretty much about the sellers background. Jess was saying.. "EH! why u noe so much bout them wan!??!"

Cha kueh

For Stef! The cha kueh in Hui Sing not nice wan lah.. Tasteless.. No wonder nobody order(except Jess). LOL!! But i also know this is Stef's Fav!

Kolo Bee hoon

For Beng! I'm not very much a fan of kolo bee hoon , but i know Hua Beng miss this a lot yea, i ate it. It's from my fav stall. the last 3rd stall from the right. Nice! :)

Cha Kueh Tiaw

This one is from the left side of Amachi(The indian food stall). I used to eat the Palm Road one since i was young, but recently i find out this one taste better. But portion is RIDICULOUSLY LITTLE!

White Lady

I think i should call this the almighty white lady. It's everyone's favourite! Many prefer to order from the stall at the end but i personally think the one near the Palm road 's Cha kueh tiau one is much nicer. For those of you who has no idea what is white lady.. It is actually mango syrup + ideal milk + pineapple + longan and crushed ice :)

ABC Special

I think they have the cheapest ABC in the whole Kuching! Nice and colourful! Of course, this is from my favourite stall also! :)

Cincau Peng

This is a weird drink Jess like. Hahaha! It's cincau + sarsi syrup + ideal milk. Shud be nice. LOL.

I'll say Hui Sing is one of the best hawker centre in Kuching. They have around 20 stalls and each have their own specialities. I'm sure they can please every one's taste buds! Pop by there if you're so out of place to eat.. or you can call me to accompany you! :)

Stef and Hua Beng , i hope this made your day! Miss hanging out with you guys here! lots of love ,<3 from me !

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