Friday, June 08, 2007

DE ' Crimson

*** Photos taken with MY Sony Cybershot T-100

It was an impromptu gathering with my high school mates... er, well only 3 of us. The rain was pouring so heavily an hour before the meet , i actually thought of cancelling it. Yes , i drive a convertible car. (HEH!...)

I decided to go this place a
night before, after i saw their pictures online. And saw that the price was pretty cheap too...Kinda broke man! It's located at the corner of the old Tsui Hua Lau building in Ban Hock Road.

The interior was really nice and cosy.. but in my lil brainie , i was thinking why we were the only customer. Yes , the whole restaurant ONLY three of us!

The rattan chair they had was
really comfortable!!

and.. their menu booklet was nice too.

So ... was the food nice?

Grilled Dory Fillet RM 12.50

Presentation's superb.. Anyway , this is Vero's one. I didn't try... hehe. Don't like fish :P

Grandma Chicken Burger (Grilled)
RM 6

.. presentation's superb. But food that looks good , doesn't mean it taste good also rite? haha.Bun was soggy! The chicken meat was NOT fresh.I don't even think it's grilled. Seriously , i felt a bit giddy after eating it. THE PLATE IS FRIGGIN SMALL!!! Na bey , how to eat? The only thing good was the wedges. Perfectly fried.

For the drinks , the glass size is fixed. and it's so small can?!

Ice Blended Blue Berry RM 5

said it's good.

Ice blended Apple RM 5

. She din said anything. I guess it's drink-able. LOL

Ice Chocolate RM 7

MINE!. Ok, this one taste more like chocolate milk ... NOT NICE. coz! I don't take milk ... and the milk is wayyyyy to much!!!

and.... sigh. The waitress need to learn man. She don't even know if what we ordered is in the menu ...
Ok fine , she might be new. At least she know what is in the menu OK?

Then when i ask if they have
Tabasco sauce.. she answered me " HARHHH!!! TA-BAS SE ME ARRrrr ?" (translation : what ? what ? Ta bas what? )

So .. i guess i know why a place with such great
ambiance is empty now. Man , even if the food there is reasonably price , customers want food with great taste too. Worst is that ,cause of the chicken meat in the burger was not fresh , i felt really sick when i got home.

*** Wrote this at 3.30 A.M so Beng could read when he wakes up. Beng , rasa tersentu
h kah? :P


David said...

*horror* You mean you ate raw chicken? Urgh... By the way, you haven't tell me how to not be scared of touching (uncooked, raw) meat? Thanx. =P (^_^)v

Melanie said...

dav : thanks for reminding!! haha! totally forgotten bout it . erm no it wasn't raw. bt it was just not fresh... it has tis weird smell. the smelly chix smell.

David said...

Ooh... Ok, I'll wait patiently... *fingers crossed* Hehe...

Melanie said...

hey dav!

how's form 6?me

David said...

Form 6... Hmm... How should I describe? Interesting, meet a few new friends. But quite sad because most of my friends already gone to further their studies elsewhere. Some sre still here but going away soon, too...

I'm still in science class. It's a total UNFAIR when a teacher's son who was supposedly have to wait like us for TWO months before he can switch to arts but you know, because of teacher politics he get to enter arts yesterday. While my friends and I (my new friends from other school who also wanted to go arts) are still waiting like idiots... Totally unfair! I feel so dejected... But what can i do other than waiting? I've done my best in filling in forms. I hate M'sian educaton system, sad to say...

Now, to make it even worse, the Chemistry teacher is forcing me to do her all her homeworks and practicals. Can you imagine the horror? She knew that we're going to change but still she wants to force us. I'm so gonna write it out somewhere about teachers...

Meanwhile, I try my best to understand and study by myself and also attending tuition classes. Sometimes, I feel like I'm more like a private candidate rather than a student. Lolz~

Sorry for writing so long. Since you ask me about Form 6, I can't stop thinking about the injustice happened to me... *sigh* Just want to tell out so that I'll feel better. Hehe... Thanks ya!

Melanie said...


Dun worry about writing a long one.. love to hear from you!

Yea.. the malaysian education system sucks.. especially when thr's this teacher's politics thing and the teacher's kids gets better treatment and stuff. Bt i guess we just have to live with it. Life's always unfair rite?

Good to hear that you're doing alternatives (study urself)... i wish u all the best !

eh... my result (uni) will be out soon. pray for me yea!

David said...

Oh really? Then let me wish you best of luck. May you get the course of your choice... =) Study hard and smart, and keep up the good work, post more yummy blogs about FOOD!!! Haha..